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07-16-14, 12:41 pm
This thread is for all Project A alpha testers (athletes, testers) to post their final thoughts about Project A.

On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:
• Recovery
• Fatigue reduction
• Performance
• Flavor
• Color
• Mixability

Also, please summarize your full thoughts about your experience with Project A.

We look forward to your feedback.

07-16-14, 2:08 pm
Thank you Animal for the opportunity to be involved with Project A. I cannot wait for this liquid nitro to hit the market.

Scale of 1-10

Recovery - 9
Fatigue Reduction - 9
Performance - 9
Flavor - 8
Color - 8
Mixability - 10

This is an amazing and great tasting product to use intra-workout, post workout, or on an off-day to help reduce fatigue in between sets or to speed recovery for your next gym session. I really enjoyed sipping on flavor 2 intra-workout and drinking flavor 1 while outside of the gym, I felt that I was able to recover faster between heavy sets to push more weight and better rested when getting into the gym.

Both flavors were enjoyable and judging them on their color and smell, they tasted as you would expect them to after first inspection of the product; neither was overpoweringly sweet or had a bad after-taste. Each flavor mixed very well regardless of the amount of water used. I mixed both in various amounts of water (10-24oz) and never any issue with it being clumpy or gritty. For me, around 20oz was the where I liked the taste of each flavor best. I did enjoy the taste of flavor 2 more than I did flavor 1 but if those are the only 2 flavors available when this is released I would still use both but flavor 2 would be my first choice.

Overall, this is something I would love to continue to use going forward and I will anxiously wait for it to be released. I felt that I was able to recover faster between sets when sipping on this intra-workout and felt fully recovered in between training days while taking each flavor daily. If this is any indication of how I was able to not be fatigued getting late into a workout, I was running 5/3/1 and on my bench day of week 3, my AMRAP set was 1+ at 270lbs... thinking I would only get 5-6 reps max, I was able to knock out 12! This stuff works!

07-16-14, 2:33 pm
Thanks for the opportunity to test Project-A, i appreciate it!

On a scale of 1 – 10, my ratings of Project A:
• Recovery - 8/10
• Fatigue reduction 9/10
• Performance 7/10
• Flavor 6/10
• Color 10/10
• Mixability 5/10

Final Thoughts:
Project-A helped me with my in-between set times being slightly faster than they are when not using it. my pumps were ridiculous, every workout. my post workout recovery was pretty good, the only time i noticed real soreness or muscle ache after training was when i added a new exercise i haven't don't in a while, but that is as expected, and even so was minimal, i do think Project-A was a factor. i primarily used it pre/intra work out and felt there was a "clean" non jittery energy derived from its use. i used it post a few times, and during cardio once. it had the same effect each time, reduced fatigue, and increased performance (energy). i would have ranked flavor higher than 6 if it had not been for the potency of flavor 1. flavor 2 was 10/10. flavor 1 for me was 3/10 at best, very, very, sweet and over powering, how ever it didn't taste like a supplement which is a plus. how ever this is a supplement review and not a taste test, after using Project-A for the test duration, i feel that my body was responding less to it energy, and recovery wise, however the pump was at the least an 8/10 through out the trial. As far as color goes, this stuff looked like it was some kind of punch or sports drink, i had no problem with either color, it actually looked quite appetizing after being in the fridge, and getting some frost on the sides of the cups. i didn't like the way it mixed, i am weird about having clumps and floating particles in my drinks tho.

I would buy it for around $30.

07-16-14, 3:51 pm
On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:
• Recovery - 9/10
Noticeable difference the day after a training session. Typically DOMS sets in for me two days after, and while I would still get it after a rough chest or leg day, it was not nearly as debilitating.
• Fatigue reduction - 10/10
Typically I'm dragging pretty bad going into the third hour of Strongman event training, but this stuff kept me going long after the preworkout wore off and I wouldn't notice muscle fatigue until I got home. Instead of "it hurts too much to keep going", I would keep going until the muscle stopped working.
• Performance - 6/10
Didn't do much to increase or decrease performance, but I could train longer with it. There may be a better category for this to fit than "performance."
• Flavor - 8/10
Both Flavor 1 & 2 tasted good, but only when mixed with a full shaker of water. The instructions provided said 10-12 ounces but that was far too strong and overpowering to be able to sip in between sets without getting sick to my stomach.
• Color - 10/10
It had color.
• Mixability - 4/10
I made various mixes with preworkout, creatine, and glycogen, none of them tasted very good. I think because Project A requires so much water of its own to mix completely, that adding in any other supp killed the chance for a proper solution.

Overall, it's an outstanding supplement, helped my endurance and recovery, as well as being an awesome hangover cure. The only sticking point for me is going to be the price point: if it's packaged in the same containers the Alpha shipped in (Rage XL size tubs) I would go through several tubs in a month. If that was the case it'd likely get far too expensive for a staple intra supp. Intraworkout has always been last on my stack list because it's not a "make or break" supplement like a multivitamin. I think $20-30 for a month's supply would be about as high as I'd want to go. Maybe if Animal packaged it with another supplement - a preworkout maybe - that'd be a great deal.

A HUGE thank you to Animal for the chance to test drive the product and lend my thoughts. I'm happy to answer anyone's questions.

07-16-14, 8:54 pm
It was an honor testing Project A with Animal. Thank you for giving me opportunity to be part of the Project A.

Before I rate the supplement, just little bit information for myself. I am currently training for my first powerlifting meet in August. I took the Project A as my intra with one full scoop with 20 oz. of water in every training day. I train 5 days per week with my powerlifting program based on research of my own. That's simple information about myself and here is my result for Project A:

Recovery - 9
Fatigue reduction - 8
Performance - 9
Flavor - 7
Color - 9
Mixability - 8

Project A is something I look forward to see in the market now. I personally had an amazing experience with it. Helped my get fresh body and legs each and every day. I took a sip after every set and before set. And first day when I took the Project A was my PR day, I don't know what it was but my total went up by 120lb. It could have been Project A recovering me faster between the attempts. And after that it always gave me good news to my training. The two flavors were awesome, flavor 1 and flavor 2. My personal favorite one was flavor 2, so I started taking 1 first so I can save 2 for last. But I wish there will be other flavors in the market when it comes out. The direction on the letter told me to mix a slightly less than a scoop given with 10-12 oz. of water. But I took with full scoop with 20 oz. of water. It gave me enough flavor for me. It could have been sweeter if I had less water. Colors were good, not to solid but good enough to show what flavor it was. Project A blended well in Animal Bottle. But when I first blended Flavor 2 with water, I saw a bit of particle floating around but few seconds later it all dissolved. Overall I give 8/10. I had good experience and training with Project A.

Again thank you so much for giving me the experience to train with the Project A. If anyone wants to follow my journey, you can always follow me on Instagram (www.instagram.com/leoalphapowerlifer) or my training journey, Rise and Grind (http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?42712-Rise-and-Grind) You can always leave comment or message me any of you guys' questions or suggestions. Thank you.

07-16-14, 10:26 pm
I want to start off thanking Animal for the opportunity to be a part of this project. I really respect the amount of work that goes into creating new product lines, and the fact that you give some of your loyal following an opportunity to be a part of the process is amazing. As a side note, it reminded me how great the Forvm can be- it was great to interact with people and see how other people were doing. I know that I've slacked off with participation but this opportunity has really energized me into becoming an active member again. I also know that I will be taking Korn_Fed up on his offer and training with him one of these days, as soon as my schedule can allow me to get over to Bevs... but I digress. As far as Project A goes:

• Recovery- 9/10 I really felt like this helped me overall with recovery, I felt a noted reduction in DOMS, even through some grueling high volume workouts that my coach has me going through currently.

• Fatigue reduction- 10/10 I honestly came into this a bit skeptical about how much this would reduce my overall fatigue, as I really felt like I had it dialed in as far as nutrition around my workout was concerned. That being said, I noticed that my recovery after a set was much higher, and that I was able to push harder for longer (though the second part of that might be more into performance). Overall I was incredibly impressed in this regard

• Performance 9.5/10 Really surprised at how this impacted me at the gym, not only from a between set recovery time being shortened perspective, but from the overall pump perspective. I noted from the get-go that there were some ingredients that I really liked, and I was not disappointed (typical from you guys... seems like the only time Animal disappoints is when you guys discontinue products that I love *I'm still not over losing Nitro-G*)

• Flavor (Flavor 1)- 8/10 (Flavor 2) 9/10 So as I said in my log, right off the bat, flavor 1 was my favorite flavor. It's a very in your face flavor, but I really respected it as I love that particular flavor when it's done right. A lot of times it's not, and it's easy to disappoint. Although I didnt try it (kicking myself for that now) I bet that it would have mixed really well with Rage. FLAVOR 2 on the other hand.... grew on me. At first I thought it was a bit too light, but after a few days, I realized that for intra workout, it was PERFECT. Light flavor, easy to drink, I found myself really appreciating it and have to say that it became my favorite of the 2. Both of them were AWESOME when really cold (if mixed a little early and kept in the fridge, or adding ice before leaving the office)

• Color 10/10 Full disclosure, I don't really give a shit about the color of a supp, but both of these definitely looked the part when mixed with water.

• Mixability 7.5/10 Maybe being a little hard on your guys here, because I know that some of the ingredients are just damn hard to mix easily, but if I had any complaints, it'd be here. The "floaties" are annoying if you're trying to just mix it and be on your way, but that was easily remedied by just mixing it a little while before I left the office for the gym, and would sip it on the way over. As it sat longer, everything settled and I had no complaints.

Overall, a very impressive supplement and I can't wait for it to get added to the line. Based on the notion that you could be taking it pre- intra- or post- workout, I'm really curious how the product will be marketed (though maybe that's just cause I'm a salesguy who gets really into how things get pitched). As other people have said, I'd be curious to see the price point on this, but I'm sure that it will be fair, as you guys typically are.

Thanks again, not just for this opportunity, but for allowing all of us to be a part of this Brotherhood.


And in case anyone still wants to follow me on instagram: www.instagram.com/brundokicks

07-16-14, 10:58 pm
On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:

• Recovery - 8, I have to say that I did notice good bit of faster recovery! I didn't stay sore as long and I feel like I recovered from the workouts right after. I usually drag for a little while after a workout, about an hour or 2, but on Project A, I never really had the drag!

• Fatigue reduction - 9, The above goes along with this! Fatigue in the gym was a little noticeable, but fatigue after was not there.

• Performance - 7, I didn't feel any type of pre-workout kick, or any real energy boost. But along with the reduced fatigue, of course your going to have better performance.

• Flavor - A = 10 / B = 8. I have never been a fan of this flavor A as a first choice, and actually have never purchased this flavor. But I actually loved it! Flavor B is not bad, just preferred A.

• Color - Both flavors match what they are!

• Mixability - Both mixed really well. I found 12 oz of water to be perfect for me! 10 was too strong, 14 was a little watered down, but I like a little stronger flavor, just not as strong as 10oz creates!

Also, please summarize your full thoughts about your experience with Project A.

Overall, I would definitely buy this product, I tried it like I do my Atomic 7. I add it to my daily water. But I used it as a morning kick start. A little added recovery in the morning, helped get my day started right! I also used it around the workout.

07-17-14, 10:18 pm
Thank you again Animal for allowing me to be an Alpha Tester for Project A! It was a great feeling to being apart of something like this. Hope for future opportunities as well! The run down about me and what I do is in my thread so check it out (new father, three jobs, etc.).

Here I will leave my honest opinion of Project A and not sugarcoat a thing.

On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:
• Recovery: I have taken Torrent and still do to this day because of the great profile that it has, along with my recovery I get from it. During this testing I didn't consume one scoop of Torrent to get a true feel of Project A. I am going with a SOLID 8/10 for recovery. With my life right now, nothing is normal. Sleep is very inconsistent with my daughter and working all the time. With that said training hasn't dipped or anything. "Shut Up & Train" right? Well day 4 is when I noticed an increase in recovery. DOMS wasn't as crazy like they usually are after training a day or two. I noticed it mostly with legs. I have been increasing volume and weights regarding two of my compound lifts (squat & deads) and say a significant increase in recovery after these training days! AGAIN SOLID 8/10!

• Fatigue reduction: I took Project A Intra & Post everyday. That said I didn't notice any more fatigue during training or even after training. Looking at the ingredient profile I can see how fatigue can be fought off so with that going with a 9/10.

• Performance: By being able to keep up with my training and fight fatigue and increase recovery how can't I give it a 9 or a 10. This product is built to help those two categories. Since Project A completes it's task extremely well it gets a 9/10. This product isn't designed to give a kick pre workout or a pump but to help you recover during intense training and it seriously does that! Amazing job.

• Flavor: A: 9/10 B: 8/10. I can't say enough of the improvement of Animal & Universal's tasting has been. Especially with the new RageXL. With that said A was spot on. Couldn't have made that flavor any better. PLEASE DON'T DO A THING TO THAT FLAVOR!! B: Was also spot on just personal preference. Still a very good tasting product.

• Color: 10/10. Spot on again.

• Mixability: I had no issues at all. Mixed very well by itself, with Atomic-7 or Ultra Whey. 9/10

Again, like I mentioned I noticed an increase in recovery and a decrease in DOMS. No energy or fatigue drop off is also a plus during training. What stack I would love to use this with is something I have been doing for awhile is 1 scoop of Atomic-7 & 2 scoops of Torrent Intra. Throw in a scoop of Project-A and man I am sure all kins of GAINS will be made lol. Easy on the stomach. A lot of people don't every mention this aspect on supplements. Hoping this product gets released in the Fall because I throughly enjoyed this opportunity and product. Thanks again J-Dawg and Animal, greatly appreciate it.

N. Motta
07-18-14, 12:56 am
Recovery & Fatigue Reduction; 10: Great. I KNOW it contributed during the prowler pushes. I was fuckin dying, thought my glutes were going to cramp up. Thankfully they didn't, but I thought at least I would've been real sore after each session. Nadda. Zero ill effects going into lower body days.

Performance; 7: Kind of tough area for me to gauge. All I know is it sure didn't hurt any.

Flavor 1 was a 7 & Flavor 2 was an 8: Love em. I used 12 oz each time to establish a baseline. I guess based on smell, I initially thought I would like flavor 1 better. Turns out flavor 2 seems a little more refreshing. Tastes like Tang to me. I did enjoy flavor 2 with 20 oz of ice water. Very refreshing and light tasting.

Color; 10: No complaints. For some reason, I imagine more people would be drawn to the purple color. Tend to think guys are interested in "extreme" looking/colored powders. Lol. As long as it's not doo doo brown, I don't care what color it is.

Mixability; 10: Awesome.

Jay Nera
07-18-14, 2:32 am
I took this product for 6 days PRE, 6 days INTRA, and 6 days POST workout.

RECOVERY- Not much noticed when taken PRE on this aspect but when taken INTRA and POST I had a much better sense of general well being post training. I didn't feel burnt out as I sometimes would after a hard training session. 8/10

FATIGUE REDUCTION- PRE- I found I felt good going into workouts. Not amped up as Rage does but just not groggy…generally good. I found INTRA really helped with fatigue reduction. I would hit the main lifts and then take some of this before doing my assistance work and I had plenty of energy to keep things going. POST- again, i noticed that I wouldn't feel as burnt out after training. 9/10 ( A 10/10 would be me feeling as if I barely trainined at all…and I train hard so unlikely)

PERFORMANCE- PRE and INTRA I found that it helped in the sense that I felt good. SOmetimes I feel groggy starting up my training and I don't take stimulants too often because i don't like how they make me feel unless Im about to lift heavy. I found that this is really good for getting in the right mind set. Not being groggy but not being wired either. I had some good training sessions with this. 8/10

FLAVOUR- 10/10 …. I loved both flavours. Easy to drink. Grape is always a winner. The orange reminded me of Sunny D minus the thick sugary/nectary feeling.

COLOR- 10/10…Looks like it tastes. BUt really, it tastes great, if it were neon green i'd still drink it.

MIXABILITY- 10/10…. goes down like water. zero graininess or clumps….

I preferred taking this supplement INTRA or at the back end of the training session. A general sense of well being and confidence to do a few extra sets and reps. One thing that I really liked and i mentioned it above a few times was that I liked feeling clear minded and ready without feeling over stimulated. When you guys make this part of your line I will be adding it to the days when I am doing a lot of volume, bodybuilding style days, …basically all the days that aren't lifting over 90% arm …. those days are for Rage….. (but i still might use this as a POST drink after those days too).

Jay Nera
07-18-14, 2:35 am
On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:

• Mixability - 4/10
I made various mixes with preworkout, creatine, and glycogen, none of them tasted very good. I think because Project A requires so much water of its own to mix completely, that adding in any other supp killed the chance for a proper solution.

Really?? Mine mixed great. I even mixed it with CarboPlus and a scoop of atomic 7 on some of the days when I was using it INTRA… (the grape atomic 7 along with the grape flavour tasted great)... went down like water.

07-18-14, 11:02 am
First I wanna thank Animal for the opportunity to be a tester for this product and give back to such a great company that blesses us all with a great forum as well as all the youtube videos of the top guys giving us information and tips for free daily.

I got a late start on using this stuff but as I said in my test log it at this point it would be hard to change my opinion on this product.

Rating scale 1 - 10

Recovery - 6/10
I changed up from doing low rep work all the time and upon starting this product I started a bunch of rep work, so recovery being a bit behind was expected. I did notice some help after a few sessions I expected to be destroyed and to my surprise I wasnt nearly as sore as i had expected.

Fatigue Reduction- 9/10
For me personally going from low reps all the time into rep work I expected to do one set of work and be destroyed. Monday was the first squat session that I took a working weight over 3 reps yes you read that right 3 reps in around 6 months. I did sets of 10 and I was pleasantly surprised that after a set of 10 I recovered and was ready to roll into the rest of the session. I felt this way throughout the entire session every session. Seemed like no amount of work was to much work. And that part I loved.

I took the product twice a day at the start once during the day and once intra training. Towards the end I only took it once a day intra training and could tell no difference in my performance. I believe taking it once a day would be just fine.

Performance - 9/10
Read the above under fatigue reduction kinda rolled all that into one. Just to reiterate though. It was great and I started using this after a month or 2 of just terrible sessions and from day one didnt have a bad session and actually had amazing sessions every time since starting and have left the gym ready for the next session to roll around.

Flavor - flavor 1 - 9/10 - flavor 2 - 7/10
Upon opening each can I realized neither of these are normally flavors I would go out and buy, nor am I usually big fans of either flavor. After trying them I actually liked them both. I really enjoyed flavor 1 and would definitely buy it on a regular basis. Flavor 2 I wasnt quite as fond of but was still a good flavor. As discussed on my test log if flavor 1 wasnt available in store out of stock or whatever and flavor 2 was available I would definitely buy it no doubt.

Color - 10/10
I mean what more is there to say? The color went with the flavor lol.

Mixability - 10/10
This was another point I was very satisfied with. A lot of powder supplements out there tend to either clump or more then anything mix so slow it settles at the bottom of the shaker. This stuff mixed very fast nothing settling to the bottom I mixed it with water every time. Sometimes I would mix water powdered Gatorade and this product and it still mxed up really well.

All and all my hats off to Animal on this stuff. I rarely use intra supplements and when I do they never make any difference on my training. So going into this I was excited for the opportunity, but not expecting much and ready to be very critical. Nothing to be critical about though. It was a great product I had great training sessions while using it and have to admit Ill be looking forward to it getting on the shelf in stores.

Again big thanks to Animal for the opportunity to serve them and hopefully help them out a little with my feed back.

07-18-14, 11:28 am

Recovery - 10/10
Fatigue reduction - 8/10
Performance - 8/10
Flavor - 10/10
Color - 10/10
Mixability - 10/10


One of the best supplements I've taking that allowed me recover. I have a hellish schedule (Nights I work out, I don't get to bed/sleep until around 12/2.. Wake up at 6AM… then the nights I don't work out, I'm in bed at 8:30 AM+- and sleep until 5/6AM.) that really messes everything up for myself. This was the first two weeks that I still do the same schedule, but I've not experienced the DOMS that I usually get on squats or bench (haven't been deadlifting). For fatigue, I'm not sure I was 100% because of the Project A or because of the pre workout I took. So I don't want to give it a 10 when it might not have done anything, but I don't want to give it a bad score, as it might've helped.

Performance wise, not sure. Much like fatigue, it might've helped, might not have. The few times I didn't take a pre workout (bench days), I felt great during the entire session and I did feel strong. So maybe? (9/10 maybe?). Flavor and color were spot on. With Flavor 1, for myself, 14oz water is perfect. I know it smells like hell, but after trying with different water amounts, I found the best tasting amount. Flavor 2 was best with 12oz water. Maybe it's not as robust as Flavor 1 and needs a little less water. Either way, both were great. Color was great, definitely matched up with the flavor it tasted like.

Mixability, no idea. I didn't think to ix it with anything. 10/10 just because.

For the recovery, I definitely want to add this to my supplement supplies. A few of the ingredients listed is something I've been told I needed and I think it's going to be perfect. So, once this is released, I'm going to get it and add it with Pak, Flex, and PM.

07-18-14, 1:03 pm
I got a late start due to some shipping issues im about half way through so ill rate what ive had

On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:
• Recovery- 7/10 noticeable difference in recovery but nothing ground breaking
• Fatigue reduction- 8/10 fatigue during workout was a huge improvement
• Performance- as this is not an energy product, did not notice a large difference
• Flavor- flavor 1. 6/10 flavor 2. 9/10
• Color- looks like the flavors, nothing wrong or off about the color
• Mixability- mixes easy with even a glass and a fork 10/10

ill update my summary to the thread when im finished with the product.

07-18-14, 3:13 pm
I too had a late start, and haven't yet finished off both tubs, but here's my review thus far:

Dosage: 1 scoop pre-workout (with Shock Therapy and Animal Pump), 1 scoop immediately post-workout, 30-60 minutes prior to eating my post workout meal
I also drank 3 scoops of Atomic 7 and 70g of a fast acting carb drink intra-workout with a gallon of water.

This thread is for all Project A alpha testers (athletes, testers) to post their final thoughts about Project A.

On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:
• Recovery - I'll give it a strong 8. I definitely noticed a huge reduction in DOMS the day after, even though I was putting myself through insane workouts with plenty of dropsets, supersets, forced negatives, static contractions, and any intensity technique that you can think of. Normally these workouts would render whatever muscle I worked out useless the next day; instead, I felt like I had barely even trained.
• Fatigue reduction - Definitely a 9/10. I noticed I was able to push way past the pain barrier. On most exercises, I hit failure because I just had too much of a pump, and not necessarily because the muscle was fatigued. This is something I have NEVER felt before... It was pretty damn amazing!
• Performance - 6/7; I was able to take less rest time between sets, but it wasn't as dramatic of an effect as in other areas. Nonetheless, still made a noticeable difference. This goes hand in hand with the fatigue aspect.
• Flavor - Flavor #1 - 7/8 Tastes almost exactly like grape Atomic 7, just less tart and more sweet. Flavor #2 - 8/9 Tastes like sunkist, but not too sweet. I cast my vote on #2 over #1, but both flavors are pretty good, I'd be happy with them even if no more changes were made. It's nice that they're not overly sweet, especially after intense leg training when you have an uneasy stomach as it is. On a side note: the smell of #1 was pretty funky, almost like a grape soy sauce
• Color - 10; Not much to say here. Both powders had easily distinguishable colors that let you know what flavor you're about to consume. The colors match the flavors perfectly
• Mixability - 10; Never had any issues with clumping or getting grit at the bottom. Even mixed it with Shock Therapy on some days instead of drinking it separately and it still mixed well.

Also, please summarize your full thoughts about your experience with Project A.
- The two most noticeable effects were 1) Being able to push way past the pain barrier and failing out on exercises because the pump made me unable to perform a complete range of motion instead of failing because of muscular fatigue; 2) When I took one scoop post workout, I noticed my pump would stick around a lot longer after my workout. There were some days when I noticed I still had a little pump even 2-3 hours after finishing training.
- Honestly, the only thing I would change is the smell of that damn grape soy sauce lmao! But other than that, I can't think of much I'd want to change. It was a pretty incredible experience; Like I said, I've never had pumps so bad that cause me to fail out on an exercise before I hit muscular failure, so that was a pretty insane and enjoyable experience.

07-18-14, 4:16 pm
Really?? Mine mixed great. I even mixed it with CarboPlus and a scoop of atomic 7 on some of the days when I was using it INTRA… (the grape atomic 7 along with the grape flavour tasted great)... went down like water.

Weird. Most of the stuff I mixed it with requires 6-8 ounces of water itself, so I guess it makes sense I just didn't have enough water to serve both properly.

07-18-14, 6:48 pm
"On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:"

• Recovery: 8 cause it seems similar to me drinking Atomic 7
• Fatigue reduction: 8 for the same reasons at Atomic 7
• Performance: I guess 8? I didn't get "fired up" after taking it.
• Flavor: 10 for sure! Flavor #2 was my favorite! However #1 is just fine too...kinda tastes like Atomic 7 groovy grape IMO
• Color: 10
• Mixability: 10 for sure! Piece of cake with 12 ozs of water IMO

I think using it intra or post workout would be best.
Didn't seem to have any Stims in it where I would get fired up before the workout.

It seems to be a product that can help with your recovery but that will remain to be seen.
I plan to finish them out and keep a log.


07-19-14, 5:23 pm
• Recovery - 9
• Fatigue reduction - 9
• Performance - 8 - This kinda rolls into the top two more than anything considering this isn't a full on energy based supplement.
• Flavor - 10
• Color -10
• Mixability - 9

I tried varying amounts of water and I can't really complain about any amount of water watering down the taste or not. This is a great intra-workout or even post workout supplement. I would mix it up at the beginning of my workouts and sip on it throughout the entire workout, sometimes finishing not long after my main lifts, and I do get this just general feeling of 'good' to even push myself just a tad bit harder on those accessories.
I also leave the gym just with a good overall feeling instead of that feeling of being dragged through a mud hole. So, I did notice a good amount of fatigue reduction once the lifting was over, which I think comes from the increased blood flow. This supplement does give a little bit of a pump while using if downed before lifting.
Both flavors tasted fantastic and couldn't be any more happy with them. I wouldn't change anything on them at all. Mixing wasn't an issue either.

Overall, this is a fantastic product, that I wish was upon the market already. Definitely another staple to add once it comes out.

The Ant
07-19-14, 5:52 pm
color and Mix ability were both 10

Flavors 8
was good but left a dry mouth

My recovery was about the same as normal not sure if it was do too other variables

Fatigue reduction 9
through all reps and sets (particular on my bench where i usually gas out) I felt I had a little more each bench day.

The performance 8
project a kicked in within five minutes but seem to only feel like it lasted about 30 min but lift still moved good but felt tired

I give Project A" an eight 8 Overall. The product actually performed well durning workouts but at times felt like it run it's course.( felt tired but lifted like I wasn't) No problem with mixing but definitely felt as if I needed more water after drinking it and I really felt no difference from day to day recovery than I usually do. BOTTOM LINE IT ALLOWS ME TO FINISH MY WORK OUT STRONG!

07-20-14, 11:27 am
As my Project A bottles have run dry here is my final thoughts on it.

Recovery: 9.
Fatigue reduction: 8
Performance: 8
Flavor: 7
Color: 10
Mixability 10

I used Project A pre, intra, and post on various days. My most favorite time to take project is intra workout with approximately 15-20oz of water. I can sum up the recovery, fatigue reduction, and performance categories all in one. When using Project A intra workout it seemed to help me through the workout and increase my endurance. I also felt an increased pump as the workout went on. In one of my workouts, I was able to complete a delt workout then move into some benching for a few sets. I did not fatigue early and noticed that I could perform more voluminous workouts while taking Project A.
Flavor and color; the color is fine, no complaints. I honestly was not a huge fan of the flavors. Having said that the flavors were very tolerable but I did notice that the flavor is much stronger with less water. The two flavors tested did taste good, especially in a lot of water, and I had no problem finishing the drink but would love to see a variety of flavors come out should Project A go into production. I would have to say that flavor 2 was my favorite one.
Mixability: Perfect. This product mixes as good as Rage XL does. Just a few shakes and your done. No grit, no clumps, just perfect. I mixed Project A with a variety of powders such as glutamine, carbmax, and atomic 7. All the products not only taste good but mix together quite nicely.

BJ Whitehead
07-22-14, 2:07 pm
Recovery- 9/10 I took this product mostly intra and noticed a difference in my recovery. I was not near as sore and some days not sore at all. This could not have come at a better time in my training due to having a meet coming up this weekend.

Fatigue Reduction- 9/10 Taking this intra helped allow me to push through the longer heavier workouts. I mixed this product with Torrent and Red Hot and my energy levels were high throughout the whole workout. It kept me feeling really good.

Performance- 9/10 While testing this product, I hit PR's on the 3 big lifts.

Flavor- 10/10 I loved BOTH flavors!!!

Color- 10/10 The matched the flavor

Mixability- 10/10 Probably the easiest/best mixing supplement that I have tried. I mixed it with 12 oz. of water.

Overall I would give this product a 9.5. I would definitely take this product again and am very thankful to have been chosen to test it. Animal, you have done it again, you just keep raising the bar.

07-28-14, 11:59 am
hit my first deadlift session without using project a, and can definitely tell a difference after doing the big main work going into smaller assistance stuff im a little fatigued and when using the project a i wasnt fatigued ever it seemed

07-28-14, 12:02 pm
hit my first deadlift session without using project a, and can definitely tell a difference after doing the big main work going into smaller assistance stuff im a little fatigued and when using the project a i wasnt fatigued ever it seemed

After my epic 510X2 and 315X20 failed attempts, I sure with I had some Project A. haha I think I warmed up too much on both and didn't have anything to really help flowing through me. So, hurry up with Project A!

08-01-14, 4:32 pm
Some great feedback in here fellas. We've already begun taking the prototype to the next level with a few tweaks. One particular tweak will really raise the game on this.

08-01-14, 4:38 pm
Some great feedback in here fellas. We've already begun taking the prototype to the next level with a few tweaks. One particular tweak will really raise the game on this.

Interesting. Really curious to see what kinda tweak that's gonna be, due to it already being a great product.

08-03-14, 2:26 pm
Some great feedback in here fellas. We've already begun taking the prototype to the next level with a few tweaks. One particular tweak will really raise the game on this.

yea curious to see what the next level is cause it was already a good product. Any ideas on when itll be available to the public cause ill definitely be planing to use it during the higher rep portions of my training.

08-04-14, 9:01 pm
Some great feedback in here fellas. We've already begun taking the prototype to the next level with a few tweaks. One particular tweak will really raise the game on this.

More testing in the future or will it go right to a release?

08-06-14, 3:28 pm
• Recovery- 8/10
- Hit several hard fought PRs while taking Project A, really looked forward to taking Project A after workouts. While the result was subtle (there was no magical instant recovery) but I felt better and more prepared to take on the next workout
• Fatigue reduction-8/10
- As with the recovery aspect I felt way more prepared to take on workouts. Taking Project A before and after my workouts made a massive difference even though I was working out later in the evening then I am used to.
• Performance- 10/10
- Here is where Project A shined, I had massive pumps while taking project A and more importantly they lasted longer when adding a scoop of Project A after my workout. There was no loading time needed for Project A and saw results after the first dose which is more than I can say about some similar products on the market. This is by far the best product of its kind that I have personally tried and cannot wait until its out on the market.
• Flavor- 10/10
- This was another area where Project A set itself apart from similar products. Instead of the generic, overly sweet flavors that you normally find, Project A has very mellow flavor that tastes like real juice instead of fake flavoring. It's much better than going into a workout with a upset stomach.
• Color- 10/10
- Project A had appealing colors that did went along well with the flavors that they corresponded with.
• Mixability- 7/10
- Had some slight issues with the mixability where Project A would foam and sit on the top of the water, but overall that was not a major issue as there were not any powder that sat at the bottom of the cup.

Overall this was an incredible product that outstrips any similar product that I have tried in the past. I can say in extremely confidence that I cannot wait until the Project A comes out on the market as I will be purchasing it as well as recommending it to my friends! Overall 10/10 great product.

09-17-14, 1:30 pm

Project A will be unveiled at the Olympia... http://instagram.com/p/tDaYl_AMsE/

09-17-14, 3:39 pm

project a will be unveiled at the olympia... http://instagram.com/p/tdayl_amse/


09-17-14, 6:04 pm

Of course! And be sure to stay tuned to the promos that'll start taking place next week!

09-19-14, 2:53 pm
Of course! And be sure to stay tuned to the promos that'll start taking place next week!

Soooo close. THink I have an idea on the name.. Sounds cool- can't wait!

09-21-14, 4:43 pm
Of course! And be sure to stay tuned to the promos that'll start taking place next week!

Really looking forward to this...