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07-23-14, 6:34 am
A bit about my training history and goals. I am 33 years old now and I have been training with weights in one form or another for fifteen years. I used to box at university at a reasonable level and I always did some weight training with it.
After I got my degree I started to get into powerlifting, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Through a combination of my former boxing injuries and stupid stuff I did with trying to PR too often and putting on too much weight too quickly I have had quite a few injuries in the last three years (herniated discs, turn rotator, broken ribs) and since I want to be able to play football with my kid when I am in my forties I have decided to drop some weight and get into a sort of bodybuilding routine.

My first goal is to get into some form of cardiovascular shape (I think I seriously overdid it with body weight, I can squat 500+ for a single, but can´t squat the empty bar for fifty reps) and loose about 20-30lbs while trying to maintain as much muscle as possible. At the moment I am doing a classic five day bodypart split with high reps and little spinal load to give my joints some time to heal and I do some form of cardio for 30-60 mins a day away from my weight training. I have moved the carbs in my diet towards training time and eat clean the rest of the day with high protein and fats from olive or fish. I will do that until I can tie my shoes without panting or sweating and being able to reach behind my back without hurting and then reassess. Any suggestions and criticism more than welcome, guys!