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07-23-14, 6:20 pm
thought id through this in here, its pretty damn tasty, ive been eating it every night on my cut, will suck on low sodium but as long as your not cutting sodium yet this is GOAT low carb fish meal (there is sugar/fiber in the cabbage but it is minimal!!)
image shown is with 9 oz fish, 2 cups steamed cabbage, 2 tsp hot sauce, no olive oil.

Steam or boil 2-4 cups of green cabbage in a frying pan

Remove cabbage

Season cabbage with preferred choice and mix, not in pan

Spray pan with non stick cooking spray add 8-10 oz (pre cooked weight) fish (i like pollock/cod/swai) fillets and desired seasoning

Lay the fish atop the cabbage and cut it up/mix it up using a spoon or fork

Top with desired seasoning

I.e. Hot sauce, lemon juice, lime juice

Add 1tbsp olive oil for fats if needed for 13.5g fat, also helps with the texture of the cabbage.


wild caught pollock - 4 oz.
cal 100
21 g protein
1 g fat
0 g carbs

cabbage (steamed) - 1 cup
cal 21
1.28 g protein
.1g fats
4.97 g carbs
--fiber: 2g

olive oil - 1 tbsp.
cals 119
fat 13.5
protein 0
carb 0

hot sauce (luisiana supreme) - 4 grams/1 tea spoon
cal 0
fat 0
pro 0
carb 0
sodium 104 mg