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07-30-14, 9:52 am

Every year, our company and our brands are nominated for awards at Bodybuilding.com and we have been fortunate to win some in the past. This year, Animal has been nominated for Animal Pak and Animal Cuts. Though we won the “best joint supplement” 8 years in a row with Animal Flex, this year the category doesn’t exist. Regardless, we want to thank you. None of this would be possible without the support of you – our fans, our friends, our family. Thank you.

07-30-14, 10:35 am
Surprised there wasn't more nominations...already got my vote

07-30-14, 11:53 am
Universal / Animal Products are the real deal. I've tried other brands, and nothing compares to Animal Products.

07-31-14, 6:52 pm
Always got my votes!

Derek Kendall
07-31-14, 10:55 pm
Best stuff out there!!

P Diesel
08-01-14, 11:39 am
good stuff :)


08-01-14, 6:19 pm

08-09-14, 1:36 am
1st off, been voting Animal/Universal since they started tallying up votes. Just as others have said, there is Animal/Universal and then everyone else..........WAY down the list.

I admit I log for other companies when given the opportunity, but I always make my comparisons to the Best Supp company around, and more often than not, they all don't compare.

I think this year they excluded the Joint Supp category for 2 reasons. 1st being that Flex is and always will be the best. 2nd, maybe bb.com doesn't want to kick sand in the faces of other companies by making them feel like the ugly cousin 9 years in a row.