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08-17-14, 6:11 am
Just watched wrath training back. Noticed he was wearing some Converse trainers, sporting the Animal logo!

Can't tell you how proud it makes me guys. Everywhere I look, I'm seeing the Animal logo. I remember when I had to order my T shirts from the USA, have em sent over to UK, now many brethern wear them like any army uniform. Back then we were known only for our multi-vit. Now we are getting serious shelf space. Our products, they ain't some myth. The Supplement industry are placing us on high, we're we belong... On top... N0:1

I'm very excited about what the future holds for Animal. Where we will go as a brand, what influence we will end up having over the globe. Maybe we should start opening up some gyms?

Watched this space and keep the faith

Jay Nera
11-30-14, 7:16 pm
Tell me about it. Animal is the first big supplement company to step into the world of powerlifting….its exciting. especially since powerlifting is really growing along with physical culture.