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08-18-14, 7:58 pm
I keep throwing these up, but life keeps on getting in the way and I cant follow up on these. I am hoping to stick with this guy for quite some time though, as I have found a need to log.

I am hoping to get big, strong and athletic. I am a college freshman, and in a year and a half I might just take up on a football scholarship offer to a D1 school. I need to go to CC because the colleges want to asses my medical conditions and make sure im not a waste of money as I have taken a lot of injuries in HS football.

Im 199-200 pounds right now. A 10 pound increase in two months since I decided to bulk up again. My strength is a all time low because of all the injuries and weight I lost.

The workout I will be following is going to be a program I did in HS that got me ridiculously strong and huge. My diet will need tweaking though because I did get fat throughout that phase in HS but that was fine because I was a lineman.

Im going to be a big skill player now, either fullback or linebacker, so I want the fat to be low. I plan on doing carb cycling for this. Plus I dont know if I will even take up on this offer, and I love bodybuilding

My weight room workout will be a two week cycle, hitting chest/tricep, Back, legs, and shoulders/biceps. Week one I will be hitting Back and legs hard and heavy, emphasizing the deadlift, squat, RDL, and bent over row. 4x4 on all of these, and if I hit all reps I bump up the weight by 5-10 pounds next time i do the strength potion. Week one for Chest/shoulder days I will be doing a hyperthorhpy based workout, emphasizing time under tension and negatives for all the lifts with small rest.

Week two I will be doing 4x4 for the chest/shoulders, emphasizing bench, pin bench, military press, and power shrug. Back and legs will be the hyperthorphy programing.

08-18-14, 8:02 pm
Deadlift: 4x4 @ 185 (Super easy, doing a 15 pound bump next time)
Bent over row: 4x4 @ 110 (Doing a 10 pound bump next time)
T-bar row: 6x3 (Light rep work) using a 45 and a 35
Cable row seated 6x3 @140.

The last two exercises are not hard at all, I use low weights and do it in a semi explosive matter.

Going to be doing Hyperthrohy work for chest tomorrow, looking forward to it.

08-18-14, 8:18 pm

08-18-14, 10:02 pm
Thanks! That really means a lot!

08-19-14, 7:42 pm
Incline bench press: 95 @12, 105@ 6, 115@6, 125@6PR
Dumbell bench with a 4 second negative: 35 @ 6, 6, 5 30 second rest in between sets. Super easy but last set felt a pop in my shoulder and felt pain. It went away but I decided not to mess with it any more

Flies: 20@ 10, 10. Could do more weight but didnt want to risk hurting the shoulder

Cable pulldowns abs: 140@ 12, 12, 12, 12

Didnt get all my hypertrophy work in because I didnt want to hurt my self. Will warm u more next time

Quick question: I have been looking into body recomp. Right now I want to be 210 at 10% body fat. So according to body recomp I need to eat the same way a 210 pound guy at 10% body fat would eat until I hit my goals. Is this BS?