View Full Version : Deadlift training 23/8/14 335x7 @ 173lb 5'11 beltless

08-24-14, 4:28 am
Hey guys, I just got around to filming all my deadlift sets. I broke a rep PR by hitting it for 7 reps beltless. My old PR was 6, but was very sloppy and inconsistent form-wise compared to this one. I wanted to get 8 or 9, but these came out a lot more solid that expected. I was about to push for an 8th rep but I felt my back loose it's tightness so I just left it there. I set it to some ridiculous music too.


I appreciate all feedback, and I actually have a question myself. On my heaviest sets you can see my knee kind of push out on the way up, does this mean I have a muscular weakness around there or do I just need to tell myself not to push the damn knee out. Thanks.