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09-01-14, 4:37 pm
I'm now 11 weeks out from my 2nd powerlifting meet. I got all my stuff (rehbands, fresh new singlet. new converse, etc) and my $ order's been sent. I got one of the older powerlifters from my gym to write me a program, which I started today. Its different from Westside and I won't be testin 1rms on any lift for a while. But I like this program, the volume and %s seem to make sense, and this beats the hell out of just kinda doing whatever, which was what I did last meet.
After last weeks deload, I feel much better. I kinda went ham last training cycle and started training 6 days instead of 4. Not only that, looking back, I think I fucked up by testin 2 1rms every week, even though some were variations. Alternating triples, doubles and 1rms woulda prolly been better. Oh well, it was a learning experience. (It's in the regular Journeys section: 'journey to my elite total', if anyone hasnt seen it or wants to) Next 'off-season' training will be different. Anyway, I think overall since my last meet, I've improved alot in all 3 lifts and I can't wait to get on the platform and smash fuckin weights!
Oddly enough, the state records for the 165 class are lower than those in the 148 class. I'm very confident that I could break the bench (lol wtf my bench sucks), dl and total records if I lift in 165 class. The 148 records are all too high for me to break, except bench, but I can, if all things go as planned lift enough for an elite total at 148, but not at 165. My initial goal was elite at 148. Even though I'm 3 lbs over and I hate cutting and watchin what I eat, fuck that. I'ma do what I gotta do and get that shit. I know lifting in the higher class would be easier but fuck that. Like Iron Mafia says, I aint no bitch. 148 it is. I'll be weighin in every Sunday.
Today was the first day of meet prep. It was a Squat and speed dl day.. Ill always be doing both in the same day, which is different. It felt ok today, but right now the %s are still low. I think the volume would be considered high, but I was doing more volume in the past few months so this don't seem like alot to me.

Sun BW: 151.7

Monday 9/1
Squat: 155*6*5
Speed defecit dl (4" defecit): 190*1*8. 1 min rest
cable pull thrus: 95*12*3
standing 1 leg ham curls (plate machine): 50(each side)*12*3
tire jumps: *5*3, tire jumps +2": *5*2

abs: hanging leg raise: 45*15*3
db side bends: 25*10*3

09-01-14, 8:32 pm
Can't wait to see what you do here. I feel the hunger coming through this thread. It's great that you've learned from your last cycle to now, it's always a learning experience from one cycle to another. Keep up the great work.

Stay Hungry

09-06-14, 4:32 pm
Can't wait to see what you do here. I feel the hunger coming through this thread. It's great that you've learned from your last cycle to now, it's always a learning experience from one cycle to another. Keep up the great work.

Stay Hungry

Thanks! It's always nice to have support from like minded individuals. I'm probably not gonna be posting videos of the meet prep cause it's just a pain in the ass most of the time to get someone to record and I hate having to give up using my phone for music to use it to record. But there will definately be vids of the meet on here once it happens.

09-06-14, 4:49 pm
Bench press: 105*6*5
Flat bench db press: 45s*8*3
cable face pulls: 95*15*3
hammer curls: 25s*15*3
upright close tri bench with board: 60*15*4
sprints on treadmill

Wed at school:
pull ups: bw * 5 *3
light circut shit all 2 sets of 10

Speed squats with black bands: 135*2*8
Deadlift: 210*6*5 hadn't done dls for reps in forever, my grip was done after these
Goodmornings: 105*3*8
Hyperextension dl: 145*6*3
1 arm db rows: 80*5*4
Shrugs on calf raise machine: 60*15*3
Abs: cable rope crunch & side cable bends

Bench rack lockout (4.5 inches off chest): 95*4, 135*4, 165*3, 185*1 (this rack lockout position is much harder than where I used to start these. ATM this is my 1rm for this lift at this position)
2 board close grip bench: 100*15*2
Seated db ohp: 45s*8*3
Weighted dips: 45*5*3
Overhead tricep cable rope extension: 75*15*3
20 min hiit on spin bike

So far so good. I'm still doing this very slight cut and I'll be weighin in tomorrow am. The weights still light right now, so it's not effectin me much yet.. But shit gets real around week 5 so that's gonna b the end of that shit. I'ma go back to eatin maintenance cals (which will be a bit higher with the more intense training sessions, thank god) and just try to squeeze some water out before weigh in and stuff my face with carbs and pedialyte as soon as I'm weighed in. I'm excited for this meet and lookin forward to the heavier weeks to come in this program.

09-08-14, 6:34 pm
Sunday BW: 152.9
lol wtf? I been tracking religiously so I think it's just "water fluctulation".. gross. Theres nothing I like about being a woman. I can't really lower cals any more without sacrificing strength. I feel a huge difference between how I feel training on Mondays after a refeed and training mid-week when I'm hungry. So with that being said, I'ma just continue the small defecit and try to squeeze some water out my fat ass right before weigh in. If I don't make weight, I guess I'll just be breakin some state records in the 165 class.

Squat: 170*6*5
Speed defecit dl (2.5" defecit with 1 min rest periods: 210*1*8
1 leg standing ham curls: 55*15*3
Cable pull thrus: 105*15*3
Weighted pull ups: +5lb plate (this was my first time doing pullups with any weight so don't laugh at my lil 5 lb plate!) *5*3
Tire jumps : reg height: 5*1, tire + 2" *5*4
Abs: band hanging leg raise: blue band*15*3
cable side bends: 60*10*3

I have no idea what "weight training" class is gonna make me do tonite but I'ma see if I can get her to just let me do mobility stuff cause last week we did this stupid circuit and I don't see how some stupid shit like that could help me any, at this point.

09-11-14, 7:39 pm
Bench press: 105*6*5
DB flat bench press: 45s*8*3
cable face pulls: 105*15*3
hammer curls: 25s*15*3
Upright tri press with board: 70*15*4
Sprints on treadmill

Wed @ school: abs 75 total reps (I figured out how to make this class useful without interfering with my meet prep and the teacher's ok with it, ill be doing abs there instead of at my gym and maybe some calves stuff on mondays cause i never train em)
decline situps (2nd hole position): 45plt *15*3
oblique machine: 80*12*2
Crunch machine: 85*12*2

Pause squat (2 sec): 155*3*5
DL: 230*6*5
Rack pulls below knee: 275*3*4
Goodmornings: 110*8*3
Hyperextension dl: 145*8*3
BO row: 135*5*4 (2 sets reg grip, 2 rev grip)
Shrugs on calf raise machine: 80*8*3

Im not really liking deadlifting after squatting, even though the squattings light on thursdays... Im used to dling first and it's been a while since I've done so many reps on dls so it's weird but its different, and sometimes you gotta switch shit up. Not only that, by dl day its the middle of the week, I'm fuckin hungry and it's the longest lifting day for me. I had to eat one of those energy gel shit packs halfway through today cause I was tired and felt like I needed more food or something after the squats dls and half the rack pulls. after I ate that shit I felt better. I've been really good, sticking to the defecit but Im hating it and can't wait til week 5 when I can go back to maintenance.

09-14-14, 10:58 am
2 board bench: (wups bar*5, 95*4, 115*2, 135*1) add board, 135*3, 165*2, 180*1, missed 185.. my right arm was comin up, the left one not so much.. i got 185 off the pins at a similar position as the 2 board puts the weight in, but I kinda think it was mental, since its finally 185.. it didnt fuck with me off the pins cause ive pin pressed much more than that, with the weight at a higher position.. or maybe i just wanst strong enough.. its alright, ill get it next time.
bench press with chains (1 min rest): 85(bar weight)*3*9
db ohp: 45s*8*3
weighted dips: 50*5*3
overhead tri cable extension: 85*15*4

Sunday bw: 152.3..... not even mad, I know exactly why. As I suspected last week, water fluctuations. Ill be back to 'normal' next week. but at the meet weigh in none of that shit matters or is taken into consideration, so ima b dropping the cals very slightly more over the next 2 weeks. then at week 5 im done with this shit. im goin to be eatin manintnance cals (but NO more Sunday 'cheats' or refeeds or cookies or any of that shit). Just clean eatin & then and ill water manipulate the last few days before the meet then immediately stuff my face as much as i can once im weighed in. Ima try to get someone to bring me some pumkin pancakes and fried chicken before the meet. Maybe ill get half chocolate chocolate chip, half pumkin...

09-15-14, 7:33 pm
Monday Week 3 of meet prep
Squat 180*6*4
Defecit dl (4")w/ 1 min rest: 210*1*8
1 leg standing ham curls: 60*12*3
Cable pull thrus: 115*12*3
Weighted pull ups (alternate grips: +10lbs*5*3
Tire jumps: 5*5. 1 set reg height, 3 sets +2", 1 set +4" .. I aint even gonna lie, I didn't think I could jump high enough for the last set but I did. Tire jump height PR lol...

the last few weeks have been weird, with the deload then the begenning of this program. I havent done volume like this in a while. . Now shits startin to get real. Im remembering what its like to hobble out the gym cause my legs are just done.. and I like it. Now I gotta get to this wierd class and do some abs and maybe some left calf.
Abs Im bout to do tonite: 75 total reps
Weighted situps: 45*15*3
Oblique machine: 90*12*2
Crunch machine: 95*12*2

09-16-14, 10:37 pm
Bench prs: 115*6*4
flat db prs: 50s*6*3
cable face pulls: 115*15*3
upright seated close grip prs with board: 70*15*4
db hammer curls: 30s*15*3

sprints on treadmill 20 min

09-19-14, 12:44 pm
Squat with chains (1 min rest): 140+*2*8
Deadlift: 255*6*4
Goodmorning: 115*8*3
Hyperextension dl: 150*6*3
T bar rows: 100*5*4
Shrugs on calf raise machine: 90*8*3

09-20-14, 10:31 am
Bench off pins (hole #6 on black rack at my gym): bar, 95*4, 135*3, 170*1. Thought I was gonna do 170 for 3, then more, but either this is a harder position for me or this cut is effecting my strength. I got 185 off the pins one inch higher a couple weeks ago, so I don't know..
Close grip (2) board bench: 105*15*2
Seated db ohp: 50s*6*3
Weighted dips: 55*5*3
Tricep cable overhead extension: 85*15*4

And Im definately noticing a difference between how I feel Monday after a refeed vs Thurs and Fri when Im just hungry. This one idiot at my gym says its "in my head".. yeah ok, I'm sure someone else knows how I feel better than I do.
I felt somewhat leaner this morning and I weighed in and Im 150.1. So what Im doing is working and all these dumb ass people telling me to lower carbs even more can suck it.
But I'm done cutting as of Monday. The guy who wrote my program said I can just maintain and I'll be fine, since Im less than 3% over meet weight.. And this was yesterday when I told him my weight was 152.3 (last weeks weight) Im not gonna go ham and eat how I want, but Ill be adding a few hundred more cals a day and I think it'll improve my performance in the gym.. And Im really happy about it since Im a fat girl on the inside and I hate cutting.
& Tomorrow Ill be goin to watch USAPL Deadlift Nationals. So yeah, aside from this ridiculously hard Anatomy & Physiology test I have later today, I'm pleased with how things are going so far.

09-21-14, 9:09 am
Sun bw: 149.7
and I got 82.5% on that A&P test!
Going to watch Deadlift Nationals a lil later. This weekend has been full of winning for me.
And the game starts late today so I don't have to pick meet or game. (I woulda picked the meet if I could only watch one) Im feelin ready & excited for this weeks training. Weights gettin heavier and I get a little more food.

09-22-14, 5:37 pm
Yesterday at deadlift nationals, I saw the guy who wrote my program and he gave me a revised one. Less reps and now the squats are on one day and so are the deadlifts. But today I did more sets than I was supposed to cause it didn't seem like enough. Still was less than the original paper said so whatever it was a compromise.
Squat: 195*3*4
Paused squat: 160*3*5
1 leg ham curl: 60*15*3
Weighted pullups: 15*5*3 (alternate grips)
Cable pull thrus: 115*15*3
Tire jumps: reg height *5, +2" *5*2, was gonna put another 2" under the tire but then it started raining so I had to jump on a lower bench but used 10lb dbs to sorta compensate *5*2

Abs: hanging leg raise: 45*15*3
Cable side bends: 60*12*3

09-25-14, 6:55 pm
Bench press: 125*6*3
Flat bench db press: 50s*8*3
Cable face pulls: 120*15*3
Tricep press (upright) with board: 80*15*4
db hammer curls: 30s*15*3

Wed nite at school:
Abs: weighted situps: 45*15*3
Db side bends: 60*10*2
Crunch machine: 105*12*2

Deadlift: 265*4*4
Rack pulls below knee: 285*3*4
Goodmorning: 120*5*3
Hyoerextension dl: 150*8*3
Rev grip lat pulldowns: 160*5*3
Shrugs on calf raise machine: 100*8*3

After Monday's deviation from the original rep range, I emailed the guy who wrote my program. I wasn't sure what he was gonna say but he came in today with a revised program, with the reps somewhere in between the first one and the second one. I like it. And I'm not sure if it's because I'm not dieting anymore, or if it's because I'm no longer squatting before my deadlifts, or maybe watching deadlift nationals over the weekend did it, but today deadlifts FINALLY felt good again. I have to admit, after I missed that 350 bout 6 weeks ago, something happened in my brain and deadlifting just felt like shit up until this week. But today was different. It felt how it used to feel. I'm fuckin back. I'm really getting excited bout this meet again. For a few weeks I really felt down and shitty, cause my weight was up to 155 and I'd missed those lifts. My confidence was in the shitter. Now that I'm down to 150, close enough to meet weight and liftings feeling good again, I feel much better. Who knows, maybe it's cause I ate a steak today before I lifted. Either way, I'm so lookin forward to this meet and smashin these fuckin weights!

09-26-14, 7:36 pm
(2)Board bench press: wups: bar*4, 95*36, 115*2, 135*1, add board, 135*1, 165*1, 185*1 (PR, missed this 2 weeks ago)
Speed bench with blue bands: 85*3*9
Db shoulder press: 50s*8*3
weighted dips: 55*5*3
machine tricep pushdown: 100*15*4

intervals on spin bike (5), pushed sled

and it looks like Ima break the state record at my meet for....... bench lol.. I'm surprised about that one. Bench is my worst lift and I suck at it, but apparently so does everyone else in my weight class in my fed.. It's 159.5 lbs right now (it's actually my friend's record from my last meet) and I got 165 a couple months ago, with the pause so I should be able to make that happen. I don't know my exact attempts yet but I had been thinkin 155, 165, 170-176 or something close to that. So Ima go for it on my 2nd attempt.

09-29-14, 3:48 pm
Sunday BW: 152.3 I aint even mad, I'm still trackin calories and Im eating around maintenance. Prior to last week I was eating at a defecit of around 250 cals a day, now I've just added those 250 cals back. So I know its not physically possible that I gained 2 lbs over a week at that rate. Im going through my stir fry phase and the one I made on Sat had soy and a few other things that may have been a little high in sodium so I'm sure I'm still doing fine. I feel much better off the defecit during lifting so no more defecit.

Squat: 210 *3*5
first 4 sets beltless, last set with the belt. The revised program says do between 10-15 reps. I was just gonna do 12 but I was like fuck that even though I was tired. I added the belt and got the last set out. I kinda had forgotten what it was like to wear it lol.. I haven't worn it at all since that day I missed the 350 dl in the gym. I try not to use it unless shits getting really heavy. Or if I need to force out one more set on a sorta heavy weight.
Pause squat: 165*3*5
1 leg standing ham curl: 62.5*12*3
Weighted pull ups: 15*5*3 (alternate grips)
Cable pull thrus: 122*12*3
Tire jumps: reg height *5, +2" *5, +4"*5*3

Abs at school tonite.
DB side bends
Weighted incline situps

09-29-14, 3:51 pm
And apparently there is no Raw Elite total for USAPL. WTF??? That's some bullshit and my mind was full of fuck when I initially heard this.. But Im still goin for that 773+ total @ 148 and idgaf if they consider me elite or not. I know that according to the other raw federations and to myself I'm an elite lifter.

09-30-14, 5:08 pm
Bench press: 130*5*3
Flat db bench: 55s*6*3
Cable face pulls: 125*125*3
Upright close grip press with board: 80*15*4
Hammer curls: 35s*15*3 these were a bitch, Id never curled this much weight for so many reps.

Sprints on treadmill

10-02-14, 6:14 pm
Wed nite abs at school:
Weighted incline situps: 45*15*3
oblique machine: 110*12*3
Crunch machine drop set: 90*10, 70*20, 50*30
db side bend: 40*12*2
ended up doin more than the 75 reps but oh well.

Deadlift: 280*3*5 (first sets beltless, last set added belt)
Speed defecit dl (2"): 230*1*6 (about 15 sec rest periods)
Goodmorning: 125*5*3
Hyperextension DL: 155*6*3
Db row: 80*5*4
Shrugs on calf raise machine: 110*8*3

And Ive done the max reps within the range for all 3 lifts this week so I feel pretty good about that.

10-04-14, 10:35 am
Rack lockouts off 7th hole position in black rack: (wups: bar, 95*4, 135*3) 165*2, 190*1 (PR)
Close grip board bench (2 1/2 board): 115*8*3
Seated db ohp: 50s*8*3
Weighted dips: 55*5*3
Cable tri extension: 90*15*4

10-06-14, 5:51 pm
Saturday a banana nut protein cake happened so there was no Sunday weigh in. Maybe later in the week or next Sunday.

Squat: (w ups: bar, 95*4, 135*3, 185*2) add belt, 220*3*4 (12 total reps)
Paused squats (no belt): 170 *3*4
1 leg standing ham curl: 62.5*15*3
Weighted pull ups: +17*5 (neutral grip), +16*5 (rev grip), +15*5 (regular grip)
Cable pull thrus: 125*12*3
Tire jumps: regular height*5*1, +4" *5*4

Abs: cable side bend: 65*12*3
hanging leg raise: 45*15*3
cause the gym at school is a piece of shit and Id rather do abs in my gym.

10-07-14, 4:45 pm
Bench press: 135*5*3
Incline db press: 50s*6*3
Cable face pulls: 130*15*3
Upright close grip press: 80*15*1, 90*15*3 (4 total sets)
Db hammer curl: 35s*15*3

Sprints on treadmill fml

I think I'll be cutting the cardio to once a week when Im 4 weeks out, and if I don't get heavier I'd like to cut it out completely 2 weeks out. We'll see.....

10-10-14, 12:34 am
Deadlift (wups: 115*4, 155*4, 205*3, 255*1,) add belt, 300*3*4
Rack pulls (below knee- "16"): 305*3*4
Goodmorning: 130*5*3
Hyperextension dl: 155*8*3
Rev grip lat pulldown: 165*5*3
Shrugs (cr): 130*8*3

303 was my best dl (and a PR) at my last meet in March so it felt good to triple it a few times with it not being that difficult.

10-10-14, 9:36 pm
(2) board bench press: (w ups: bar*4, 95*3, 115*2, 135*1, add board, 135*1, 170*1, 190 Miss, 170*3
speed bench: 90+ chains *3*9
Seated db ohp: 45s*8*3
Weighted dips: 50*5*3
Tricep cable rope extension: 95*15*4

Push sled

Felt kinda shitty today, didn't sleep good last night. Aside from today, I had a good week so its ok. Anyway, I PRd in this lift 2 weeks ago and I never PR in the same variation bench twice that close together so I aint even mad. Next week are my run sets in squat and DL that will determine my openers I'm thinking 235 and 315

10-12-14, 9:38 am
Sunday BW: 151.4

(but it's my "heavy week" and a pound less than last month's "heavy week" so I'm not worried about it. And since I'm 5 weeks out, now I know meet week won't be a "heavy week" so that also makes me feel a little better.) I guess I can't drop a cardio session, but depending on next week's weight, I might add a couple hundred more cals a day, since the weight's gonna be getting pretty heavy over the next few weeks.

10-13-14, 4:10 pm
Today was run at 90% for the first set day.. Went ok, was hoping for 3+ clean reps, but I got like 2 and the third on my first set, I fell forward, and on the second, I managed to grind the third rep up. Then I did a single just to do the max amount of reps (7)

Squat: (w ups: bar, 95*4, 135*3, 190*2) 235*3, 235*3, 235*1
Pause squat (2 sec) : 175*3*3
1 leg standing ham curl: 65*12*3
Weighted pullups: 17.5*5*3
Cable pull thrus: 130*12*3
Tire jumps: 1st set reg height *5, next 4 sets +4" *5

So the squat would have been my opener if Id gotten 3. I sort of did so I might open 230, less than 90%, but more than the 225 I was thinking bout using for the opener. I gotta email the vids to the guy who wrote my program, see what he thinks. I'm putting them on ig now, so if anyone wants to watch and comment, feel free.

10-13-14, 4:20 pm
I forgot to add that I did abs today cause I hate doin em at school, their equipment sucks.
hanging leg raise: 50*10*3
seated cable crunch: 80*10*2
Cable side bend: 80*10*3 ea side

10-13-14, 5:15 pm

hopefully this link works, igs being a real piece of fuckin shit right now. Their new update is garbage and Im not buying a new phone. Here's todays squats described above

10-14-14, 10:15 pm
Bench: 145*4*3
Decline db bench: 55s*6*3
Cable face pulls (standing with rope: 135*15*2,) (seated with v bar: 60*15*1, wanted to try a variation, but just did it for the last set, still 3 total sets)
Seated incline hammer curls: 25s *15*1, 20s*15*3 (3 total sets, had to rest pause twice for the first set so I went a little lighter.)
Upright board bench thing: 90*15*4.. sort of, didn't get the last 3 reps on the last set cause the board came flying out and the stack slammed loud as hell and got stuck up in the machine. I thought I broke it for a minute but a couple old guys got it fixed. So I'm done doin these. I'll substitute another tricep exercise.

Push sled.

Next weeks run week for bench. I think it's been going pretty well, and I haven't missed any reps on bench, which is pretty good for me.
More importantly, my next lifting day is deadlift run day. Ima pull 90% (315) for at least 3, hopefully 4 or 5. If I get 3, it'll be my opener. If I get 5, I'll open with the # I need for elite if it's under 335. We'll see. I'll try to get a video of Thursday.

10-16-14, 7:30 pm
Deadlift: (w ups: 115*4, 165*3, 215*2, 265*1) 315*4, 315*3
Speed dl @ 2" defecit: 265*1*6
Goodmorning: 135*5*3
Hyperextension dl: 160*6*3
B.O. Rows: 145*5*4
Shrugs on calf raise: 130*8*3

corner machine: 150*15*3
oblique machine: 110*10*3

The first set was run set and I think I could have got another one but I felt my lunch coming up, so I said fuck it. I'ma stop eating right before dls. the total reps was 7, so I just did 3 more after. When I was warming up, I wasn't really feelin it and started this stupid thing I do where I mind fuck myself and get nervous and start thinking I wont be able to lift the weight.. But then on the first rep, that shit flew up so fuckin fast I surprised myself. I'm really happy with this. I had the guy who wrote my program set my %s based off as if I already had a 350dl (I missed 350 about 7 weeks ago, and it broke my brain and all my dls felt like shit for about a month..) so I felt like if I was gonna start missing my dls, it would be around this week. He said if I get 3, I'll use it as my opener. So I think I am opening with 315, unless just a few more pounds will let me get elite on my opener, then I'll open a little heavier and go for my 352 on my second. Then when I get that, I'll go 364, fuck it, at that point the pressure will be off and I'll go for that for fun. If I don't get it, I won't be mad, it'll be something for me to work on when the meets over... But yeah, I feel good about this I can't wait for meet day, I'm fuckin excited!! Now it's time to study for this stupid ass midterm.. fuck.

10-17-14, 8:43 pm
Bench off pins ("12" position): (w ups: bar*4, 95*3, 115*2, 135*1,) 170*1, 195*miss, 170*3. I used a different rack today cause I hate the way the pins are angled on the ones I usually use, so the position might have been slightly different, but it wasn't too far off.
Close grip(2 1/2") board bench press: 125*8*3
Standing OHP: 65*6*3
Sled push some
Weighted dips: +3 chains (2 small, one large)*5*4
Tricep cable extension: 100*15*3
Sled push some more.

Next week I get to do squats and dls at 95% and less volume on accessories and its run set (90%) bench week.

10-19-14, 9:07 am
Sunday BW: 148.9

Fuck yeah!! Now it's time for my Sunday fatness! (don't worry, I been cheating every Sunday, and a small one on Wed pm or Thurs am before deadlifts and still losing gradually so I'll be fine)

10-20-14, 9:37 pm
Squats: (w ups: bar, 95*4, 135*3, 185*2, 225*1) 245*1*4
Pause squats (2 sec): 180*3*3
standing 1 leg ham curls: 70*8*3
weighted pullups (alternate grips): 20*5*3
cable pull throughs: 140*8*3
tire jumps: reg height * 5*1, +4" * 5*3

abs: cable side bends: 100*10*3
corner machine: 150*15*3
wheel rolls: between sets on machine: *10*3

I'm fuckin mad about todays squats. They were supposed to be 2 sets of 2.. First rep on first set was a hideous grinder (hit depth tho lol, pretty much the only good thing about it) and I felt like I didn't have another one. I was mad and disappointed and felt like shit. But I was like fuck that I'ma still get all 4 total reps out, idgaf if I gotta do 4 singles, with 10 min between each one, they're happening. Second rep was better, third wasn't bad at all (wtf? if the first one was that good, I woulda went for 2 doubles) then the fourth was the grindiest grinder ever, but I got it out, proper depth and not too much of this shit I tend to do when it gets really heavy, that I like to call a "squat-morning"..
So while I guess Im not as mad as I could be about it cause I got em all out, I'm still mad and disappointed in myself. I guess every day can't be a good day. I think it felt heavy on the first one and I mind-fucked myself. I need to stop being a fuckin ***get and just get the reps out. It don't even make sense that the third was better than the first.. Idk. This is the exact type of shit that makes me question my squatting ability. I guess I better redeem myself on dl day.. Story of my life lol..
Anyway, if you wana see rep 3/4 go to @dcallins on ig cause it's on my friend's page, not mine.

10-21-14, 4:15 pm
Bench press (run set @ 90%): (w ups: bar, 95*4, 115*2, 135*1,) 150*5, 2
DB bench: 55s*8*3
Cable seated face pulls: 70*10*3
Incline bench hammer curl: 25s*8*3
Tri cable extension variation on seated row: 50*10*4

Light sled push

Today was bench run day, and I was hoping for 5, but the spotter had to help me with the last one on the first set so I'm counting it as 4 successful reps done. I think this might be my opener. They were slow and I felt tired. I almost want to open 155 but I know I don't get cool points for having a higher opener, and I fully intend to make more than 1/3 on each lift this time, so I guess Im better off saving my grind energy for the second and final lifts. I hate calling them "attempts". I'm not gonna just attempt it this time, I'ma fucking lift it.
Also, no more "interval cardio" on treadmill or spin bike, now it's sled only, since now we permanently have a sled at the gym.
& Thursday Ima get my 2*2, idgaf how hard it is, it's happening.

10-23-14, 6:28 pm
Deadlifts: (w ups: 95, 135*4, 185*3, 235*3 - I fucked up, was supposed to do 2- 285*1,) 335*2*2
Rack pulls (below knees): 315*3*3
Goodmornings: 145*5*3
Hyperextension dls: 165*6*3
Shrugs on calf raise: 140*8*3
Rev grip lat pull downs: 170*5*4

did abs at school last nite: weighted decline situps: 45*15*3
oblique machine: 130*10*3

Got out my max reps on dls today, no video tho, I asked someone to record and he took a pic.. whatever idc, I got my reps out that's what matters.. Last one was ugly and I admit I hitched it , but fuck it. I feel good about today. That 350 is seeming more and more like it's gonna happen at the meet. The pics on ig if yall wana see it..

10-24-14, 7:49 pm
(2 1/2) Board bench press: (w ups: bar, 95*4, 115*3, 135*1, add board,) 140*1, 170*1, 190*1 PR
Speed bench press with chains: 95*3*9 (w/ 15-20sec rest)
Weighted dips: +2 large chains *5 *3
Standing OHP (strict form): 70*6*3
Cable overhead tricep extension: 110*10*2, 105*10*2 (4 sets)

Push sled

10-27-14, 3:42 pm
Weighed in Saturday, cause there was a bbq contest I went to and I knew my weight would be high after: 149.6

Squat: (wups: bar, 95*4, 135*3, 185*2, 225*1) 250*1*2
Paused squat: 185*3*2
Standing 1 leg ham curls: 75*8*3
Weighted pull ups: 25*5*3 (alternate grips)
Cable pull thrus: 150*10*3
Tire jumps: reg height *5*1, +4"*5*3

Abs: hanging leg raise: 50*10*3
cable side bends: 100*10*2
corner machine: 150*15*2

And it's getting close... Only one more real squat session, then its (deload) meet week. Shit, I'm excited.

10-28-14, 8:02 pm
Bench press: (w ups: bar*4, 95*3, 115*2,135*1,) 160*2*2
Incline DB press: 55*6*3
Sitting on floor cable face pulls: 122*10*3
Tricep cable extension (using seated row area): 55*10*4
Incline db hammer curl: 25*8*3

Slow bench was slow today. I should be happy I got them, I guess.. And I fucked up but still got it on the first one, just like I did last week on the first rep of my 150*4-5. I actually failed on set 3 rep 2 of the incline db press and had to drop the left one, so I'm not thrilled about today, but it could have been worse. It's just one day, I'm not lettin it bother me, all days cant be good...

And I'm having a slight programming issue... I'm supposed to do my last heavy squat next Monday, and last heavy DL next Thursday (those are my regular days) but I've always heard to do your last heavy DL further out than the last heavy Squat. So Im considering changing this. I know I shouldn't change the program but it makes more sense. Idk we'll see...

10-30-14, 6:52 pm
Deadlifts: (w ups: 115*4, 165*3, 215*2, 265*1, 315*1) 340*1*2
Speed defecit dls (2"): 245*1*6
Goodmornings: 150*5*3
Hyperextension dls: 170*5*3
Shrugs on calf raise: 150*8*3
1 arm db row: 85*5*4

Small pr today, but I'm not really happy with it. They were slow and ugly but woulda been white lights but idk how the fuck I'm gonna get 12 more pounds on this in less than 3 weeks. I think I'm just feeling negative cause I had to do another gay ass speech last night at school after my **** teacher gave me a shit grade for the first one. And I spent the entire morning fighting with this goddamn computer uploading that shit. I need to focus. FUCK THAT SHIT!!! Next week Im supposed to pr in all the lifts and it needs to happen. I'm so glad almost all my school shit due before the meet is done, except one chapter in my A & P class. I've come to truly hate this speech class and this bitch ass fat fuck professor who doesn't even lift. End of rant/10

abs at school last nite
Weighted situps: 45*15*3
superset with ab roll thing: *10*3
DB side bends: 35*12*2
dropset on crunch machine: 90*10, 70*20, 50*30

10-31-14, 11:22 pm
Bench off pins "12" on corner rack: (wups: bar*4, 95*3, 115*2, 135*1) 175*1*2, 155*3.
Close grip board bench (2 1/2 board): 125*8*3
Weighted dips with chains: +4 chains*5*3
Standing OHP: 75*5*3
Tricep cable overhead extension: 110*10*4

Pushed sled

Today was my last day of normal training, with accessory work and all.. Next week is singles with 100%, then 102.5%, so a small PR, then ending the session, no accessory stuff or sled..I'm changing the days, Monday is DL then bench then squat, I'm not sure of the days yet it depends how I feel and my spotter situation.. Then the week after is deload week, then that Sundays the meet.

11-02-14, 9:03 am
I'm now exactly 2 weeks out. I weighed in yesterday, and I was exactly
Sat BW: 149. (according to my scale, which is what I've used every weigh in so far. I suspect it might be slightly high, so it could be slightly off.)
So that's 3 consecutive weeks I've been under 150. So I'm good on that, right where I want it to be.
And I found out the meets just one session, thank God! So I'll be lifting in the morning. The start list was supposed to be up yesterday, but its not so idk how many/ who in my class. But I don't really care.. It makes no difference. I'm there to get this 777 total or better, not beat this person or that person. I'd like to place at least top 5 overall, out of the women, but if I get my elite total and don't, I won't even be mad. I can't control what everyone else does. Competition may just be strong that day.. We'll see.. I got 8th (out of 22 women) overall last time, and I thought I did pretty shitty (5/9) on everything except dl.
Tomorrows my last heavy deadlift before the meet. I'm going for that 350 again. But there won't be a video. No more til the meet.

11-03-14, 4:47 pm
Im so fucking pissed off and disgusted with my fat weak stupid ass right now. I ate this weekend, I rested, I did everything I was supposed to so I could get this fucking 350. And I missd that shit again. How the fuck have I made no progression in the past 3 months? What the fuck has been the point of my training if I still miss the same goddamn lift?
dl: (w ups: 115*4, 165*3, 215*2, 265*1, 315*1) 345 missed, I felt it slipping out of my hands and I let it go, thinking fuck it, I don't wana rip my hand on 345 when I really want this 350. Then I went for the 350 and got it just past my knees and missed it. I never miss at the lockout. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm just a weak piece of shit, that's what.

Finished with speed pulls at 2" defecit: 210*1*6

Who gives a shit? Weak. Gay. Now I know I haven't gotten any stronger, and Ima miss all my lifts this week. And please don't hit me with that "think positive" fuckery, cause I was feeling positive when I went in today, only to be proven that I'm a complete fucking loser ***get ass failure.. At least when I think negative and I fail, I'm right.. I'm not sure if Im gonna lift anymore. I don't wana do shit. I don't wana go to school, I don't wana train anyone. I don't want to face anyone. They're all gonna ask about the meet for me to be like I failed. Fuck everything.

11-04-14, 8:35 pm
Bench press: (w ups: bar * 4, 95*3, 115*2, 135*1) 150*1, 170*1*2
I was supposed to do 165 then 170 but I was like fuck it I need to PR today and I don't want to be tired from the 165. I did 170. Then I was gonna do 165 on the way back down, but my spotter was like no don't end lighter cause muscle memory or some shit, just do 170 again. I didn't think I could but I got another single with it.
So I guess it sort of makes up for yesterday. Also when I got in the gym people I know were saying the stupidest shit. I'm not even gonna get into details cause it's not important. But when it was time to get under the weight, I was just mad as fuck, about yesterday, about that shit, and somehow it gave me the energy to make the lift.. I'm usually not able to make that work on bench but today it did. I feel less shitty and I need to just be like fuck yesterday. I'd rather miss in the gym and get it on the platform than the other way around. Maybe it'll be like last meets 303.. couldn't move it in the gym, but got it at the meet. . Anyway, Thursdays squats, we'll see what happens..

11-06-14, 7:36 pm
Thursday: Last Heavy Squat
Squat: (w ups: bar *4, 95*4, 135*3, 185*2, 225*1) 260 *1 (small) PR. . after missing it the first time
Walkout and hold 10 seconds: 275*2

So I was supposed to do 255*1, 260*1, and I was like fuck it I should just do 260.. And I missed it. I was like fuck that I'm trying that shit again. It didn't feel right when I unracked it the first time and my eye started watering like hell as soon as I sniffed the new nose tork, and I felt like that might have fucked me up. I wasn't about to drop the weight so I tried again and it was a grinder but I made the lift. Depth was good, even though it was another one of my "squatmornings".. Whatever, still woulda been white lights. I'm gonna do a lot of safety bar squats (& some paused) next training cycle before March meet prep to help correct that. .. And I didn't wana end my last training cycle with a miss, since I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it again, so that was it. And my last real lifting session before the meet is over.. Next week is deload stuff, then that Sunday's meet day.

11-09-14, 10:37 am
Sun BW: 151.6, not worried about it, it's heavy week, and I'm just glad it's here now so I won't be heavy on meet day..

And it's a week away. My planned #s are
Squat: 225/ 253/ 264
Bench: 148/ 165 (breaks the state record)/ 176
Deadlift: 315/ # needed for elite total/ 352

So my openers are light, but my finals will all be PRs. I thought about having a high final option and a lower one, but fuck that. Those finals are the #s I want, I'm goin for em. At this point, I know I've done everything I was supposed to do, gave my training 100% effort, stuck to the calories, even when I wanted to be like fuck that I'ma eat cake.. So whatever happens, happens. I'ma just have fun at the meet and SFW!
As for the DL #s, it depends on if I make all 3 squats and bench.. If that happens, I might open with that # I need for elite and go for the 352 on my second. Idk yet... If I get 352 on my second, it's gonna be 358 or 364 final depending on how much I had to grind that 352.

11-10-14, 10:45 pm
Now it's a deload week. I'll post the lifts in advance, simple deload stuff, nothing exciting.

Deadlift: (wups: 115*4, 165*3) 230*3*3
20 min cardio (walk on treadmill)
Light abs at school

Squat: (wups: bar, 95*4, 135*3) 170*3*3

Bench Press: (w ups: bar*4, 95*3) 105*8*3
Tricep cable extension: *2*15
Light abs

11-12-14, 8:55 am
4 days out
The start list is finally posted.. And its 115 lifters in this meet, 11 women in my class (not including collegiate) 8 of us open category.. So I might not even walk with a medal.. But I really don't care. It would be nice to get one, but I just wana hit my #s... Also, at this moment, it doesn't look like I'm gonna make weight. I've been over 150 all week. The only reason I'm kinda mad, is cause I been sacrificing eating all this time to make weight, but I'm not gonna cut calories any more, cause this already sucks and I'm already hungry enough. Fuck it, it is what it is. I'll continue these low-ish calories (especially cause I'm not doing any real lifting this week) and this shitty water loading. Fuck I hate this. If I don't make weight, still, I need to accept that maybe I've just outgrown this weight class and the 148s are not for me... Still, I'm excited. I got my clothes picked out and shit like that.
It's fuckin 7:50am, and I'm wide awake. I've been up early since the time change, which is annoying right now, but I won't be tired at the meet.. I think after I eat and let the dog out, I'll go do my light squats early, then study for the one test I have this week.. I honestly am not gonna study too hard, and make flash cards and shit, cause 1. I already got some extra credit that will bump up my grade by one letter, and 2. I can't be stressing myself out with that shit this week..

11-15-14, 8:32 am
So tomorrow is meet day. I'm fuckin excited. I've been up since 6:30, which would usually be annoying, since I can never fall back asleep once I'm up.. But for now, I guess it's a good thing, since I'm getting used to this early morning thing, and I won't be half asleep and out of it at the beginning of the meet.. Which I doubt would happen since my adrenaline will be going, but this will make it easier than if I was still going to bed late and waking up late.
And it looks like I'm gonna make weight, I think. I was getting discouraged earlier in the week cause I was up to 156 one night at the beginning of the water load. I was tempted to say fuck this shit, and just start stuffing my face and just lift a class higher.. But I said no, all the work and sacrifice I put in to keep my weight lower, I'm gonna stay the course, and trust the process. So the past few days has been nothing but gallons of water and 2000 calorie days (around maintenance, when I'm not lifting, and I don't have a "real" job where I'm running around and shit ---atm, I just do demos for a supplement company and train a few ppl, but they do all the lifting, I just tell em what to do and motivate them and whatnot.. Also I'm in school, which entails me sitting on my ass a lot, so that brings my maintanence cals down some too fml). So much chicken this week tho.. Fuck! I can't wait for these oreos and dandee donuts tomorrow after weigh in!!!
I had mentally prepared myself to lift in the 165s.. Shit, who knows? I might have just sweat a lot last night or some shit and maybe I won't make weight.. But I'm ready for that, still. I hope not though, cause I want to lift with a bunch in my class, not the 2 in the 165s, I want a medal cause I beat all those people, not cause there was only 3 of us.
With that being said, I'm ready to smash these fuckin weights!! Videos should be up by Monday.

11-15-14, 10:12 am
Good shit kiddo! Go kill it tomorrow.

11-15-14, 11:26 am
Good luck tomorrow, and have fun! I'll be looking for your updates on IG.

11-17-14, 4:56 pm
759 total @ 144 lbs.
7/9, 3/3 squats and 2/3 bench and deadlift.
Full write up in the Powerlifting section.

And thanks to everyone who supported me and helped me make this happen!