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Animal Rep
09-16-14, 10:48 am

Marrazzo's Thriftway in Trenton, New Jersey, shudders when Frank ''Wrath'' McGrath pushes his empty cart through the automated doors. And not just because he's huge—although those 260-odd pounds of action hero vascularity definitely cast an imposing shadow. No, this store fears Wrath because of his ability to utterly humiliate their profit margin, wringing every last cent's worth of muscle-building value out of a greenback.

Last year, McGrath showed us the wonders that could be wrought with a $50 bill in Animal's "Big on a Budget Challenge" video. Chicken and broccoli? Fuhgettaboutit. This offseason extravaganza was beef-heavy and even had room for dessert.

Now Wrath is back to see what he can do with double the dough, and he doesn't disappoint. This is enough calories to turn even the hardest training into rock-hard gains. Uncinch those sweat pants and ride along if you dare!

09-16-14, 11:38 am
I really enjoyed the meal prepping part of this video!