View Full Version : Universal Road Trip Episode 7 Guest Starring Frank McGrath

Animal Rep
10-02-14, 5:11 pm

Seven episodes in we find the Universal Road Trippers, including special Animal guest Frank McGrath, deep into Montreal. The day starts with a quick jaunt to the Olympic Park Tower where once again, naturalguy (and Frank) challenges his vertigo. After, the team grabs a quick bite at Poutineville where they serve some of the best Beaver Tails we mean poutine in Montreal. If you don't know what poutine is, you owe it to yourself to watch this segment. Refueled, we present another installment of "Art Appreciation With Antoine". Is Antoine Vaillant a genius, savant, karate master or fool? Perhaps all of the above? Only you can decide.

Jay Nera
11-30-14, 7:22 pm
i wonder what goes through Frank's brain when Antoine does what he does.