View Full Version : Smashing the Bench with Oak & Larry

Animal Rep
10-23-14, 2:08 pm

New training partners and fellow Animal athletes, Kevin "Oak" Okolie and Larry Williams (the 19-year old phenom featured in Animal's "Coming Through" documentary) take their show on the road from the streets of New York to blast the bench at Skiba's Barbell Club in Carteret, NJ. Both Larry and Oak will be on hand at 6PM on Tuesday, 10/28/14 at Coliseum Gym to present a powerlifting seminar in advance of an Animal Barbell Club event. The seminar and event is free to the lifting public and will be held at Coliseum Gym, 75-09 71st Avenue, Middle Village, NY 11379.

J Wong
10-23-14, 7:50 pm
Great video. Them two are some huge benchers.

10-25-14, 12:15 am
This was an awesome day. Great vid they made.

10-31-14, 3:09 am
Good times

11-01-14, 2:50 pm
Couple of big boys benching. Love the vid, very inspiring. How's it going training together?