View Full Version : Life is a Freakshow

10-24-14, 12:54 pm
'Life is a freakshow'. As you are probably aware, this is the title of my boy Machines dairy entries, which are found in the 'Livin section', on the Animalpak website. They have been there for like, ever! Hell ive been reading them for at least 10 yrs now. They have truly stood the test of time.

I can't express in words really what these diary entries mean to me. Along with G's and now P's articles, combined with my bible, have got me through some real dark times. Im sure most of you fellow animals have at some point, read these dairy entries written by Machine. If not, get reading. You can never have enough spiritual strength. These entries helped me take my writting to the next level. Not just my writing but also the way I think about life and bodybuilding, and more importantly, how I combine the two.

Like the words say on the back of Machines forearm, 'OVERCOME...'

Thanks for your time guys.

P Diesel
10-27-14, 2:49 pm
i agree u can never have enough strength or knowledge or insight for that matter. increase ur power