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The Ant
10-27-14, 2:10 pm
Here's two types of people in the world.

1) one who knows what they want but are too scared of what others may say or think about the process in which it'll take to get there. Then you settle for a life of comfortability and mediocrity. Some times this may seem benevolent and essential for others, from the outside looking in but most of the time, it's a selfish act of others, that partially benefits you but mostly benefits the ones directly to you, in the long run.

2) one who knows what they want and going for it and excepting the things that will come along with them. Sacrificing and struggling for the moment to achieve their goals through patience and experience. Some times it may seem selfish from the outside looking in but most of the time it benefits the people around you and even more, in the long run.

There's nothing wrong with either of the two but just know which one you are and what you expect to get out of life. Which one was your preference, which one have you chosen or fell into to be happy?

10-27-14, 3:36 pm
Well said Ant. I used to be in the first type of person category. Little insecurities about piddly little things that don't matter. Once I realised, that people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind (not my quote), I fell into the second category, and I have definitely progressed more as a person since then. Never been happier. I am going to go into the gym every single day, keep pounding away, get my food right and still stay happy. I guess I have caught the iron bug ;)

All the best

J Wong
10-27-14, 9:08 pm
I'll admit it. #1 and trying to work my way to be #2.