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11-13-14, 1:22 pm
Been posted here first for the Animal faithful. Got BOSS and Lilly squattin. BOSS for a new PR and Lilly on the road to his recovery...


11-13-14, 4:23 pm
Very inspirational, I know a lot of guys that give up when they get a minor strain in the gym.

11-14-14, 12:30 am
This is an awesome example of the professional detachment it takes to be able to analyze a lift and determine what went wrong: the courage to make corrections and come back and successfully nail the lift AND the HUGE impact being around a motivated and competent training partner can have on your training.

I'm sure Brandon has a great training environment at home but as he says in the video, the chance to train with another world class lifter is priceless.

Great video and I learn something every time I watch one of Brandon Lilly or Dan Green's videos.

11-18-14, 1:24 pm
Brandon and Dan are two of my favorite lifters, so this video was awesome in that aspect alone. But it really shows the determination that these guys have to be the best they can possibly be, regardless of the circumstances.