View Full Version : VIDEO: Dan "BOSS" Green Sets New Powerlifting World Record at RUM VIII

Animal Rep
02-10-15, 10:00 am

What else is there to say? Another new WR total of 2,110 at 220 pounds. Dan "BOSS" Green also owns the 242 pound WR total at 2,210 lb.

02-10-15, 12:27 pm
Hell yeah

02-10-15, 2:07 pm
Beyond ridiculous. Huge congrats again bro!

02-10-15, 2:19 pm
It's beyond frightening to know that he set a new WR and went 5/9. No doubt 2200 at 220 can happen.

02-10-15, 2:21 pm
It's beyond frightening to know that he set a new WR and went 5/9.


02-10-15, 3:07 pm
Congrats Boss!!!

02-10-15, 3:11 pm
It was quite the Battle, Dan is a true competitor and professional.

02-10-15, 4:52 pm

02-10-15, 5:07 pm
Probably get some flack for this one:

Dan's Chest heave when he benches... He benches 490 in competition, I bench 480lbs in competition. So I am not HATING on the man, just not fully understanding how that heave is legal.

Is this an issue of the rules not specifying?
Rules do state the bar has to become motionless, which indeed it does. However, I never knew the heave was legal...

My next question would be more technical, and probably only answerable by Dan himself.
How did you "discover" the chest heave works for you? Personally I could never do it. But, seems the increased range of motion the bar travels due to the sink vs the amount of pop you get by 'heaving.' Well, not sure how to phrase that question, clearly for you the amount of force generated from the heave compensates for the increased range of motion... so do you train for that in any particular way?

J Wong
02-11-15, 10:09 pm
Congratulations Dan, you are the man.