View Full Version : JRNYs Road to the Formulation 1 Classic

03-11-15, 10:22 pm
Whats going on brothers in iron. I will be using this as my blog/log/venue to fucking vent as I begin my journey to get back on stage. I don't give a shit if your stop by to read this or not. If you are here to help I welcome the advice of those who have knowledge to give. If you want to help me reach my goal then come on in and take the ride with me. If you are here to troll this thread the eat fucking concrete. This is my journey to be a true Animal and beat the shit out of anyone who dares to get on stage next to me without my dedication and drive. That said let's get this thing started. I will be lifting 6 days a week, cardio 5 days a week, and eating 4,600 calories for the next 8-12 weeks while I finish putting on a bit of mass. Then I will begin stepping down the carbs and increasing fat intake with additional cardio as a 12 week prep begins. Here is what I am eating right now, its a bit lean considering I just finished a 5 week cut and lost 19 lbs of accumulated fat from being out of the gym for a bit.

Wake up - Aminos/Pak/Cuts
Breakfast - Oats/Eggs
Snack - Protein bar and shake
Lunch - Chicken or Fish/Rice/Broccoli
Pre Workout - Pre Workout/Protein shake
Post Workout - High glycemic carbs and whey iso
Dinner - Steak/Broccoli/ (I get fat as fuck if i have carbs for dinner)
Late Night - Additional piece of steak and cottage cheese

Thoughts and/or recommendations ?