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Animal Rep
03-13-15, 5:20 pm
Read the new article by Roman Fritz featured on www.bodybuilding.com and then see the accompanying video.


In the third installment of Animal's unique series, "Big on a Budget," we examine the grocery shopping strategy of another IFBB Pro Roman "Rex" Fritz from Germany. In "Big on a Budget", we teach lifters how to shop for food in a efficient and effective way with a goal of maximizing gains. You don't need to spend a lot to make solid progress. You just need to shop smart and by creating a sound budget, you can do that.


03-13-15, 5:50 pm
I think the 1/2 gallon of milk a day is brilliant...if your not lactose intolerant that is lol

03-14-15, 10:29 am
YES! Finally you guys released this! lol
I love you guys but I hate how you guys make us wait so long lol. But than its so worth the wait!

03-18-15, 4:50 am
It's tough when the Whey and Casein together cost more than all that food for a week combined.

Great video, none the less. Always love watching these for some tips.

03-19-15, 9:51 am
Great stuff. Its always interesting to see each pro's different take on how they would spend the money.