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04-28-15, 3:36 pm
How it all began...

A few years ago I was really overweight and finally got tired of it. Like really tired of it unlike the first 5 times I tried to eat better but it never really stuck. I was about 240lb and through diet and a little exercise (mostly cardio) I was able to get under 200lb.

From there I joined a better local gym and got a trainer which took my fitness to a whole new level. I got all the way down to 178lb or so. This really got me interested in training, fitness and bodybuilding.

From there I started training and eating like a bodybuilder and I did this for about a year with decent results. But even as I was training for bodybuilding I would always try to break personal records and lift heavier weight and test myself and focusing less on volume as I should have.

So after going to the Arnold (2015) and thinking about it some more I decided to switch over to powerlifting. Now I'm planning to compete in December.

This is the journey to my first meet and beyond.

04-28-15, 3:41 pm
Damn straight, Stove.

04-28-15, 11:23 pm
Instead of posting todays workout going to post an overview since I've been following 5/3/1

I started 5/3/1 about 2 months ago and I'm on cycle 2 week 3/4 (I have squats tomorrow then deload). Already I have gotten new rep PRs which give me estimated 1RM over my currently tested ones. I have also been training in general just over 2 years. Below is my goal for this year.

Ideally I want to hit a 1200 total at my meet in December.
Squat: 425lb | Current 1RM: 395
Bench: 255lb | Current 1RM: 230
Dead: 525lb | Current 1RM: 505
Total: 1205lb | Current Total: 1130lb

04-29-15, 1:00 am
get it gurl

05-09-15, 3:12 pm
Back after taking a deload week. Decided to change up my 5/3/1. Doing the Powerlifting version now so it's 3/5/1 and instead of the boring but big will put in a couple joker sets to lift heavier for fewer reps. While adding in a few rep out sets for volume.

Today was bench:
225X3 (PR first time I've gotten 3 clean reps. Went for 4 but failed at lockout)
225X1 (paused rep)
135X10 X 4

Cable rows

Incline DB

Lat Pulldown
80X8 (reverse grip)

07-06-15, 3:46 pm
Hitting a new squat personal record. This one felt pretty good and I have hit it a few more times since. Since I feel like I could get a little bit more I try to hit a 405 single when I train to help get use to the heavier weight. 405 feels like what 315 Use to be.

405 Squat


07-06-15, 3:50 pm
Finally been able to break my deadlifting plateau. Hit 505 the previous week and this week decided to go up a little and got 515. Been training on 5/3/1 but been adding in some heavy singles and I found the only thing that improves my deadlift is lfting heavy. I think the low weight and high reps was holding me back. I still do 5/3/1 but I just added in the heavy singles and go on how I feel.

515 Deadlift


07-07-15, 10:57 pm
You had better be benching more than I am by the time I'm cleared to lift after surgery.

07-08-15, 12:30 pm
You had better be benching more than I am by the time I'm cleared to lift after surgery.

LOL - with any luck I might get up to 275.

07-27-15, 1:07 am
Unexpectedly worked unto a 440lb squat today which puts me at a 1200 total! Was planning on trying to hit that in meet but I'll take it. Now just need to push harder and work up to a 1300+ total.

From today's squat session: