View Full Version : The evolution of a Powerlifter

02-21-16, 2:16 am
Growthing up myself, in the uk, around the powerliting movement, im talking 80's here... Ive seen powerlifting truly evolve. More so the powerlifter. Living only 10 mins away, i use to hang around the olympic stadium in Crystal palace, located in the national park where certain olympic events are kept. Swimming, track and other exciting in door activities. One of which of course was Powerlifting, even strongmen ship. To this day your see international powerlifters using the facillities. Wow these powerlifters have changed! Their appearance i mean.

Back in the day they carried just sheer mass. As a child, a very skinny child, they just appeared to me as these giants who could lift a house lol. You know flip cars and shit. They carried alot of body fat though however now things have changed. Over here, in Europe, as in Poland, Bulgaria etc- they have changed things up and taken things to a whole nother level. They have really homed in on this body fat issue. Now they are leaner than certain bodybuilders. Their conditioning is amazing. 10% bodyfat great symmetry, and alot of these powerfiters now are also only 80-100 kg. Their strength is amazing. Very simular diet to that of a bodybuilder too. Suddenly, great emphasis has been put on cario, which makes total sense cause if your blood circulation int consistent, your joints are gonna be tight as fuck, Lord knows then, where that strength is gonna come from?

But yeah its just amazing how things have changed in powerlifting... So much for the better id say.