View Full Version : Fear, Anger...Make them Tools, not Obstacles

02-26-16, 7:08 pm
We have all expressed these feelings in our lives, these emotions can either be a blessing in disguise or an obstacle that leads you down a negative unenjoyably bad path.
I don't care if you are the "Biggest Baddest Monster Bad Ass" around, you have experienced fear. one of the best examples of using fear is Dave Tate and how he expressed using the fear of the weight falling on his face and crushing him during the bench press, which made him want to "get that fuckin' weight off" of him (look up on YouTube "Into the Void extended version" on Dave Tate's channel). That fear can drive you. Don't let it deter you. Although fear can be a Great Tool, I personally like to trigger my anger for my lifts and life.
I am not saying "Go grab the bar, drag your forehead across the knurling and scream obscenities as loud as possible!", though I enjoy watching the theatrics and every now and then participating. I am saying that you can channel that into getting as tight as possible under that bar Use that angry tension in your mind, to add tension and tightness throughout your body for the lift. channel Anger into focus, and determination. Wen I was a PVT as I 1st joined, I got picked on, yelled at, "hazed" if you wanna call it that, called dumb and useless. and for a while during that time I was overwhelmed by it, saddened, depressed states occurred, but most of all ANGRY. I drank Every night, took it out on my wife, shit, the dog even got a taste of my yelling. It took a huge toll.
when I found the sport of powerlifting, it gave me a place to channel that anger, it gave me peace and happiness in every aspect of my life, because now those emotions had a place to go in my life, a direction and PURPOSE.