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03-22-16, 6:08 am
According to Stack3d:

In the lead up to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio a few weeks ago, Animal unveiled more than 10 new items of clothing. Almost every time a product was revealed we mentioned that despite being exclusively put together for the Arnold, there was the chance the items would be available outside of the show. As expected that is exactly whatís happening this week, as Animal has confirmed that some of the Arnold exclusives are going to be available through its online store starting tomorrow. We donít yet know whatís going to be added so be sure to tune in or keep a close eye on animalpak.com.

03-22-16, 9:21 am
Its all up in the shop now

socks, earbuds, thermals, hoodies, hats, u guys have to check it out

03-22-16, 9:43 am

03-22-16, 12:36 pm

Some legit items. Those sweatpants look killer but not in my size.