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04-15-18, 1:41 pm
My Animal Fury review- Amazing focus that sustains well into the workout whereas Animal Rage XL seemed to taper off. I got a huge pump off this and the energy was perfect. This got me through the tough week 1 of the 10 week Ed Coan 10 deadlift program which was 340 x 2 275 8
X3 speed deads and a 3 round circuit of 8 reps each of stiff leg deads bent over rows lat pull downs and good mornings. I was huffing and puffing but had the energy to push through thanks to to Animal Fury. I then finished with 4 sets of 100 pound dB presses, standing dB shoulder presses and flys.

04-15-18, 1:44 pm
Also want to add the flavor was Green Apple which I liked the sour apple taste, but I do want to try watermelon. I had one scoop and that was enough for me whereas I was having two scoops of Animal Rage XL.

04-16-18, 1:57 pm
Make sure you give the lemonade and the blue rasp a try. Both are great!
Also Ed's deadlift plan is awesome. Definitely intense but if you put in the work you'll definitely see your numbers rise.

04-16-18, 4:13 pm
Blue rasp is awesome but I will say the new Ice pop is fn awesome as well!