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06-01-18, 11:40 am
Start off by saying hello, Tomysaw here. Haven't been on here in a long time. Wanted to start a log again many times over, but haven't made myself do it. A little background for you. I compete in powerlifting. I'm not the best, but I'm not the worst either. I am a family man as well, and they take importance over training, so I train in phases instead of weeks. I am also an airman in the United States Air Force, AD. Have only been in for 3 years thus far, but its been a ride. I'm hoping this long helps me keep up with myself just a bit more than I do already.
Without wasting any more time. Lets run into the stats.

25 years old, 242 is where I compete

Current competition best lifts
Squat: 649
Bench: 418
Deadlift: 744

No current stacks, I will also say I'm not huge on supplementation, but I do like to run small stacks to see how my body reacts.
Lets have some fun!

06-01-18, 11:42 am
Already done with phase 1.1, however I am going to include it here to show progress.

Bench Press: 275 x5x5
Incline Bench Press: 155 x5x10
Dumbbell Press: 50 x5x10
Rope Extension: 150 x5x10
Push Up: 0 x5x20

Deadlift: 405 x5x5
Bent Row: 135 x5x10
Lat Pull Down: 150 x5x10
Landmine Press: 0 x5x20
Sit Up: 0 x5x20

Log Press: Worked up to 210x3
Strict Close Grip Overhead Press: 75 x5x5
Wide Strict Overhead Press: 75 x5x10
Cable Shrugs: 150 x5x10

Squat: 225 x5x5
Power Clean: 135 x5x10
Goblet Squat: 40 x5x10
Kettlebell Overhead Press: 20 x5x10

06-01-18, 12:53 pm
Those numbers are impressive!

06-01-18, 2:16 pm
Those numbers are impressive!

Why thank you! Been at it for a while now. Hoping to get a little leaner and a little stronger. Small injury recently has set me into off-season instead of meet prep. Hopefully its a good one this time!

06-04-18, 3:04 pm
1.2 was a simple phase.

Bench Press: 295 x5x5
Plate Press: 45 x5x50
Dumbbell Curl: 20 x5x10
Dumbbell Side Raise: 10 x5x10
Shrug: 20 x5x10
Overhead Press: 20 x5x10

Deadlift: Worked up to a single at 695
Deadlift: 335 x5x5

Log Press: Worked up to a set of 4.5 reps at 222.
Log Press: 172 x5x5

06-11-18, 11:26 am
This phase got fun. began a small short peak for a deadlift only competition.

Squat: 145 x5x10
Split Squat: 50 x2x10
Leg Extension: 45 x5x10
Hamstring Curl: 130 x5x10

Bench: 315 x5x5
Dumbbell Press: 90 x3x10
Tricep Rope: 60 x3x10
Shoulder Block: 10 x2x25
Bicep Curl: 10 x2x25

Deadlift: 625x1 675x1 725x1
6" Block: 765 x3x1
Banded Ham Curl: 0x2x10
Tire Flip: 0x2x20
Back Raise: 115 x3x10