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03-13-19, 8:51 pm
Age- 33
Weight 301 - down from 370 August 2018
height - 5"11

Ok, So I haven't posted in a long time, Had a horrible year, released medically from the airforce, lost my brother and father in the same week last year to suicide, and gained almost 100lbs from depression meds for ptsd as well as other shit.

Long story short, just by walking the dog, and a light 3 days a week full body routine I lost 60 lbs in 7 months.

Last 2 months I have lost inches, not weight - and got surprisingly strong - from benching the 185 I am now back to 315 for sets and my deadlift is now 6 plates again, from just 225 6 months ago...

I really have had absolutely no plan in place, just move more eat less etc.

I have 30 days before my wedding and want to drop as much as possible, safely - My schedule is open to 2 a days due to the fact I am now released and useless to society so I just take kid to school and then swim or gym.

My current diet is just fresh food cooked from home, no fast food or candies or booze or anything.

meat, veg, and the occasional spaghetti dinner nothing crazy, nothing tracked but it has melted my fat ass off just from cooking my own meals.

I researched for the last week online for 4 week and 16 week plans but they are so vague and seem randomly thrown together, like I could do that myself lol

this is my plan that I came up with, I am open to feedback and recommendations, your time is greatly appreciated to be honest.

AM - 7 am walk dog 30 mins, 15 mins yoga - feelsgoodman and calms my ass down

AM - 0800 - 10 mins incline walking on the tradmill

PM - 15 mins cardio either bike or maybe some HIT on the treadmill with sprints (I have been jogging 1min / walk 1 min for a week now, not too fat anymore for that

day 2 - 7 am walk dog 30 mins, 15 mins yoga
AM Legs / Abs / swim 45 mins

PM - Cardio of some type - havent tried back to back sprinting days - the pain might be worth it if it works

Day 3 - 7 am walk dog 30 mins, 15 mins yoga
AM - Shoulders bis/tris and cardio of some sort for 30 mins

PM HIT of some sort, bike or treadmill

How does that look? and each week I can increase the cardio by 5 mins, by the 4th week I will be almost doubled (theoretically)

I am taking supplements as well, if you think i should add anything please post and let me know

-Webber Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules, 500mg
-Nature's Bounty Green Tea Pills 200mg,
-Webber Naturals Glucosamine Chondroitin 400mg
-Centrum mens
-Vitamin 3 - 400mgs - its A lot due to the fucking skin condition I received courtesy of the desert, thank you government of canada///

And I take 25 grams of protein with water before the gym, and after the gym =

I have bumped up my TRT from 150 of test every 2 weeks to 200mgs every week starting this friday - another nice side effect of the anti psychotics ruined my goddamn hormornes ..

If you think I can use anything else please let me know, I have been just winging it but I have come to a stall

03-14-19, 11:58 am
Great job making changes that benefit you... not an easy task. Burning more than you take in will work but your body makes adjustments. I am no expert but I am curious what the guys that really know something will say. But this is my thought- why deplete the system before your big day. Stay consistent with diet and exercise with maybe some extra cardio/stretching/possible yoga and just feel good on your day. You will be running on all cylinders which will make everything that much more enjoyable. Just my thoughts

03-14-19, 12:29 pm
First thing first: You are not a waist to society. As a brother in iron keep up the good work. Thank you for your service! You may not be active anymore but you still deserve the respect. Hats off to you!

Push forward and keep moving, you are already on the path!

As for the wedding, unless you just really feel the need to go full force into it, I would continue on the path your on. Make it work for you. If you take a huge push and then back off after the wedding you make crash and set you back. as bad as a physical set back is the mental is even worse. Carry on with your changes as you have done and take baby steps. The wedding is soon and just another day, but hopefully your judgment day is way further away and it is what you do with your life between now and then and stay on a continued basis with it.
Im no expert so take this as friendly advice... You have provided this country with a service and that cant be repaid. Stand high and involve yourself with the right like minded individuals. The forum and Animal are a great place to start. Pair up with some folks and lean on each other. Make it a family affair and grow in that.

Bumping your trt will def make some changes, but keep an eye on your levels, get them checked regularly and remember its your business and don't let the judgment of others affect your decisions unless its a medical need.

Know you got this and kill everyday. Also don't forget Animal Cuts are a great fat burner and can help aid that weight loss for the wedding.

Altered Beast
03-14-19, 12:39 pm
Lay off all pharma drugs minus TRT. Your body needs time to find homeostasis.