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06-05-07, 1:04 am
So im reading the training articles looking for a kick ass leg workout for tomorrow when i came across Machine's article. Pretty fuckin sweet quote to bust out.

"The world that i live in can be easily divided into two groupS: those who squat and Bowflex pussies"

06-05-07, 1:04 am
lol thats a great quote, i love that

Bam Bam
06-05-07, 1:12 am
Haha thats some good shit. Leave it to Machine to say some shit like that.

06-05-07, 8:42 am
My bowflex home gym 5000 isn't animal?!... I mean Yeah right on... Bowflex pussies... Hey anyone wanna buy a bowflex?! J/k

06-05-07, 8:48 am
fuck bowflex!

06-05-07, 9:37 am
Are you calling Chuck Norris a liar???

06-05-07, 5:43 pm
Are you calling Chuck Norris a liar???

No no, the Total Gym is a GREAT piece of equipment! What do you think Coleman grew up on?

06-05-07, 6:24 pm
I have a total gym. When I was in high school, I figured it would be a great article to workout on and get in shape. Well, I used it, and when I started I was so weak I couldn't do anything on the top setting except legs. Then I started going to a real gym. I gotta say, I seriously don't ever remember benching less than 135, and I started out with 50lb dumbells on flat presses. I have a few friends that I've started out in the gym, and they usually start benching around 65lbs, and using 25-30lb dumbells for flat presses. I will attribute my beginner strength to the total gym. Over winter, the gym was closed one day and I was desperate for a workout so I decided, why not dust that thing off again and see whats up. I did, and I was then able to do all excersises on the highest setting, for high reps. So, yeah now its a pussy machine, but it did get me started. And watch what you say, chuck norris has been known to roundhouse kick people in the head through a telephone so watch your caller ID and if it says, your ass don't answer.

06-05-07, 6:41 pm
HAHAHAHAHA... Fucking love it

06-06-07, 12:36 am
I thought I was going to hear something...well you know inspirational. Damn that was funny ass hell. I am just laughing my ass off here. LOL

06-06-07, 6:01 am
Haha, Machine always finds a way to articulate things in ways that others don't expect. Amazing, Andrew.

10-29-07, 3:55 am
So, Saturday after reading your article. I decided to take a trip to a place called coopers rock. I havnt been there since I was a lad. The whole way there one line repeated in my mind

"whatever actions men take, or do not take, the mountain remains"

This really hit home, walking out on the ledge stareing across the casm at the Mountain before me. The sheer size and volume of the Mountain, how it simply looks down on you like a mighty titan, it see's you as a spec. How it laughs at you and knows it will remain even when the dust from your bones is scattered across the 4 winds .. the .. mountain .. remains. Thank you Machine, for a goddamn terrific article, I dont say it much ... but that one deserves it

here is the mountain .. completely majestic


10-29-07, 4:18 am
well said man, i hear you on that, the other day i just got back from a day trip with some mates, we headed up to this place we went to on school camp. Big mountain, running rivers and trees as old as the earth, i got home and saw machines new article... i totally know what youre saying...

10-29-07, 10:56 am
I wish lived in that type of area. Nature, trees, mountains, rivers, etc... I really enjoy that kind of stuff. Peace

01-27-08, 9:52 am
"Stand on an island alone. Focus on pure strength through the solitude you feel and the brutal outline your life follows to achieve higher development. "

That is how I have felt for the past 2 years. I have secluded myself from mostly everyone. I have only a few close friends, most of which whom I don't even enjoy hanging out with. Most of them smoke weed, drink, sit around and be unproductive. The others who don't do that, choose to hang out in a garage all weekend, never leaving. I get shit all the time for not drinking, and eating the way I do. I rarely leave the house, except for work, gym or to get groceries, and to be brutally honest, I am happy this way...well sometimes.

I'm 21, finished college in May, worked part time at an auto parts store, then finally landed a job which isn't even in my career field. I'm working at a power plant, and the money will be great along with the benefits, yet my friends all make fun of me acting like it's some job for someone who didn't even go to college. Yet it's one of the best jobs in my area, and people are dying to get in this place.

Things get me down all too often, from my lack of confidence with girls, to the way my body looks. I have MILD gyno and it is always in the back of my head. I feel like people are staring at me all the time and watching my every move. I feel as thought I will never be the size I want to be, and I have trouble accepting that. I drive a beater car (although I have another one, just don't enjoy driving it).

So how does this relate to the quote above? Everytime I am out, the only thing in the back of my head is how I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT to start working rotating 12 hour shifts, bust my ass at work, seclude myself from the rest of the world, eat like a fucking horse, move more weight than a fucking freight train day in and day out. It is the only thing that makes me happy. I am beginning to think I have anger issues, from shit that goes on at home to outside, I know one day I am going to be driven into a psychotic rage and just lash out at someone.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'M NOT A FUCKING DOOR MAT, DON'T WALK ALL OVER ME.

I know there has to be other people that feel this way.

01-27-08, 11:37 am
I believe that it was Ox that once wrote about "people in your corner." I can't really say that I identifed with that, because I have no people in my corner. The only thing I have is my Chip on both shoulders, which you are just beginning to recognize. Instead of looking at it as a burden, or an object of ridicule; look at it as your friend. People are going to ask you the same retarded questions, people are going to try and drag you down, people are going to even laugh at you and ridiucle you, because they don't undestand you. And that Chip is there to remind you that you have a greater Purpose and a bigger Desitiny. Now is the time to evaluate who is with you, an who against you. I can count the number of people who's opnions matter to me. They all fit on one hand, and most are not in the double digit age group. Every one else can go straight to Hell. I am going to do what I want to do, how I want to do it. It's called living Life on you own Terms. The Price may be high, but the Rewards are pricless. Does that make you Calloused? Yes, it probably does. Does it make you an outsider among millions? No Doubt. Does that make you more Alive? Abso-fucking-loutely. And if you don't like me and the way I live, line forms to the.....

...Strength and Honor...

06-08-08, 11:29 am
hey big man this one's for you. a friend of mine showed me this quote and when i saw it u just popped in my mind.

" here he goes one of god's own prototypes, a mutant never considered for mass production, too wierd to live and to rare to die"

06-08-08, 11:49 am
that sounds like a Hunter S. Thompson quote to me....either way its good shit

06-08-08, 1:05 pm
I agree nice quote.

06-15-10, 11:17 pm
This is by far the best thing I have ever read from Machine. A quote that has been saved on my computer from the first day I read it. Thought I'd share and pass it on for those who haven't read the article its from.

"In the matter of the World vs. you, a verdict has been reached. The members of the World Court find you, guilty of being a rabid individualist. Further you are guilty of non-commercialism in the first degree for your failure to buy into the brain sucking bullshit marathon that we have developed to enslave all people of the world. Third and most appalling is the charge of conspiracy to educate and incite people of all ages and races to rise up against the power brokers and professional liars and take control of their own lives. Have you anything to say on your own behalf?


06-15-10, 11:23 pm
Just one of many awesome quotes from machine. Very inspiring.

06-15-10, 11:41 pm
hahaha awesome. sounds like a cool one-liner from an action movie or something.

06-16-10, 1:46 am
Machine is very inspiring and a hardcore Animal

06-16-10, 8:59 am
Probably one of the best collections from Machine.