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I think an ABC shirt that you can only get by going to an ABC event is an awesome idea. It could just stop there to make it easier for corp or if they feel like going the effort they could add the location and date to the ABC part making the shirt a damn near exclusive. Then every ABC shirt would be special in it's self instead of just going to one ABC and having it all. You would have special shirts for each event. Maybe just for each state to narrow it down. Then they would still be more special than just an ABC shirt but corp could make them in advance without having to know locations or dates.

It would just say ABC Jersey or something?

Just ideas...
I like that. It would be extremely difficult for corporate to special order T's with locations/dates plus figuring out all the sizes for the guys in each chapter. Just putting the location would make it much simpler to have them made and stockpiled ahead of time. It would still be alot of work, considering how many chapters there are, but definately more of a possibility.