Animal Barbell Club FAQ’s

1. What is the Animal Barbell Club?
Animal. The word is synonymous with a certain way of life, a true passion for the game. The journey each of us is on can be lonely. No longer... Welcome to the "Animal Barbell Club", or the "ABC" as we call it for short. Why A-B-C? Because these three letters represent the basics, the primary building blocks of Animal itself... Motivation. The desire to build something greater, to constantly strive for improvement. Community. Creating a positive environment for growth and a sharing and disssemination of knowledge and experience. If you've ever read an article on, visited The Cage at the Arnold Expo, then you know what we're talking about. The ABC takes all these ideas, these values inherent to Animal, to the next level.

Why is this community, this shared experience important? Because so few understand why we do what we do. Animal does. The ABC provides the proper outlet, a real and meaningful opportunity for serious lifters everywhere to get together to train, talk and share their experiences. At each ABC event, there is a training component and an eating component. Lift hard and eat big. What else is there brothers?

2. How do I find out if there is a local chapter of the ABCs near me?
Easy. Check “The Board” section of the F O R V M. In particular, check out this thread which lists all the current ABC Chapters. There are approximately 60+ Chapters worldwide... And growing.There are many Chapters already established. Chances are there is one near you. If not, consider starting one yourself. See FAQ #4 below.

3. How do I join my local Chapter?
Go to your local Chapter's thread in "The Board" section of the F O R V M. Introduce yourself. State your intentions. ABC Coordinators will need to take headcounts for each event.

4. What if there is no ABC Chapter near me. How do I start one?
If you find there is no established Chapter near you, feel free to start your own. Go to “The Board” section and hit “Post New Topic”, and create a thread including the city or state where you'd like to start it. For example: “Bronx Animals”. One of the Watchmen will then activate the thread. Once the thread is up and public, see how much interest there is. Get your friends, lifting partners, and other like-minded individuals involved. Have them sign up in the F O R V M, and post in your thread. Once you get enough members for an event (there is no minimum or maximum), find a suitable gym, talk to the management, and set up a date.

5. How do I set up an ABC, what do I say to the gym owner/manager?
Once you’ve found a suitable gym (likely, the one you train at), the next step is to approach the owner/manager and explain to them that you are interested in getting a group together and organizing an ABC event. Let them know what the ABCs are all about. If you like, you can have the management contact us at Corporate. Let them know that they will receive free publicity on our F O R V M, as well as other bodybuilding forums. Ask what the guest fee is for each person. If you need any help talking to the management, give Corporate a call. There's a chance we already have an existing business relationship with that gym. Pick suitable date. The final step is to find a solid place to eat. After some hard lifting, the first thing you'll want to do is eat. Make any necessary arrangements or reservations, if needed. Once everything is confirmed, let the Regional ABC Coordinator know. It'll also be a good idea to let Enforcer and naturalguy know as well so that they can help coordinate the event. Now you can post the information in your Chapter's thread, let everyone know what the guest fee is ahead of time so that they are prepared. Finally, post your event on the F O R V M's calendar, "24/7/365". Again, if you need help, get in touch with naturalguy or Enforcer.

6. What kind of support to we receive from Corporate?
For your first event, we will send out an ABC "care package" to the official ABC Coordinator. This care package typically includes: (1) Animal Pak banner (to be signed and held up in group photo); (2) assorted supplement samples, and (3) assorted literature (such as flyers, brochures, Journey Books). ABC Coordinators should contact naturalguy or Enforcer with a headcount to get this care package.

7. I got the Animal Banner and it is signed, what do I do with it?
Hold on to it and keep it safe. Bring it to your next event and have new members sign it. Before the Arnold Classic, it will be requested by Corporate. Corporate will then proudly hang all of the Animal Banners in The Cage.

8. Do I get a free t-shirt at an ABC?
If it is your first time at an ABC, provided you wear your own Animal gear (verified by coordinators and pictures of the event) then you will receive a complimentary t-shirt from corporate after the event. Give your information to your ABC coordinator. Coordinators will then contact naturalguy or Enforcer with a list of verified names and shirt sizes.

9. What tools are available to help promote the ABC's?

There are several pre made flyers available:

10. Is there anything I need to do during the ABC event?
Aside from crushing the iron, nothing much. In the gym, it's your time to get the job done with your fellow Animals. Feel free to take pictures of your event so that you can post them up in the "The Gallery" section. Many Chapters have posted not only pictures, but video as well. Be creative. Be Animal. Once the lifting is done, be sure to get together to sign the Animal Banner, and to have a group picture taken with the Banner held proudly.

11. Is there anything I need to do after the ABC event?
The ABC coordinator or another member of the Chapter should post pictures up in the "The Gallery" section. This is to immortalize your event. This is to show others what you have accomplished that day.

12. Is there a minimum or maximum numbers of members needed for an event?
It's not about numbers. It's about the spirit of camaraderie. ABC events have ranged from 3 members all the way to 60+ members. While the ABC is an idea, a concept fostered by Animal, in the end, it is a product of your imagination and your will.

13. How often can I have an ABC event?
Things have not yet been set in stone, though they will in the near future. At that time, we will provide details as to what constitutes and "official" ABC event. Regardless, feel free to get together with other members of your ABC Chapter as often as you like. Remember, the ABCs aren't meant to be overly formal. In the end, it's ultimately about Animal providing a means and an opportunity for like-minded brothers to together to speak (in the ABC thread), train (at the gym), and share a meal.