Not planned.. tweaked groin/hammy/low-back at work.. not exactly sure how it happened, but it is what it is.. shut it down just as a pre-cautionary measure more than anything..



Incline Bench: (w/u= 30/bar) 4X 15/135.. 8/185.. 2/205.. 2/205

Incline DB Presses: 4X 8/70's

Incline DB Flyes: 4X 10/30's




20/25mins. stretching to loosen up that Monday tweak from work.. BUT..

Squats: 2X 15/135.. 12/185


Sidenote: shut it down... while waiting between the set from 135 to 185 I felt the groin starting to slightly tighten.. pushed through the set with 185, but by the end of the set I already knew.. that's ok though, there's always next week, not even sweatin' it.. been through this kinda' thing too many times to try and "man up" and risk further harm.. no thanks.. LoL!



Smith Machine Military Presses: 5X 15/95.. 10/115.. 6/135.. 6/135.. 5/145

DB Side Laterals: (w/u= 15/15) 4X 12/20.. 10/25.. 10/25.. 10/25

DB Bent Laterals: 3X 8/30's


Sidenote: been using the heating pad the past couple days, a couple times a day, on the groin to help with recuperating.. right now, no pain at all, could probably hit Legs on Saturday if I felt like it, but, i'll play the patient route and wait til Tuesday (leg day), don't need or want anymore setbacks right now.. so until then...