If any of you haven't seen this before - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK7m6I5m6gY this is something everyone needs to see. I'm a Pat Mendes fan and this might be his most legendary video.

As for the 1,000lb raw by Rob, I'm not going to knock him very much. That lift seem pretty close to parallel, not nearly as bad as all the comments are making it seem. When you pause it at the bottom of the lift, his quads are nearly sloping downward from knee to hip, although his hip crease definitely is not quite as low as his knees. The thing is, he made that lift look so easy when he drove it up it looked like he could have squatted just slightly further to make it legit, although he is smart cause he did just enough for the judges to give it to him, why go deeper if he doesn't have to?