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I'm half way with my first can of Animal Nitro now, and OMG I can not believe the results would come in such a short period of time. So basically this is my stack:
Pak- breakfast
Pump- 30mins before workout
Nitro- 1 pack immediately before workout
Nitro- 2 pack immediately after workout
PM- 30mins before bed.

I just recently added the Nitro to the stack and damn, my sleeves, they're so tight I might have to go shopping again. Animal products work like champ when they are stacked together.

One question though, if I add Animal Omega into my stack, how would I benefit from it since my recovery and energy are at the max right now because of PM and Nitro.

There are a few benefits to adding Omega. Aside from recovery it can aid in heart health and fat storage in your body, especially if you are cutting. The fatty acids included in Omega are the ones that your body needs to function and stay healthy. When it gets everything it needs from one source, Omega, it can freely dispose of the other fats present in the body, burn them as fuel and cut them without sacrifice. These essential fatty acids also aid in building new muscle, fats are an often overlooked but integral part of a bodybuilders diet.

Congrats on the quick results, Nitro is without a doubt a seriously effective product, the fullness you're feeling in your sleeves is testimony enough. Good luck and keep training Hard!