Hi this is my first post on the Foum.

I want to thank the people at Universal for making such an excellent product. Animal Stak does what it says. I've been doing the various versions of P90X for the past 5 years and recently started feeling lethargic (I am 40 yrs old btw) during the day and workouts were suffering as well. I take Animal Pak religiously and used Animal Cuts several times as well as PM, Flex and M-Stak so I am familiar with the quality products of the Animal line. Stak however, is simply incredible! My muscles feel harder and bigger (my wife noticed it also) and I'm lifting heavier and my bodyweight exercise (pushups & Pullups) numbers are on the up also. I'm into the third week of my first can and I feel great. Currently with Stak I'm using Animal Pak, Universal creatine, Ultra Whey Pro and Casien Protein. My recovery week is due the same time I'm to take a week break from Stak but I have another can ready, so looking forward to hopefully more improvements. This is an excellent product and I will highly recommend it to anyone who wants to boost their T levels naturally. Thanks again and keep up the good work Universal.

Your lifelong customer.

Trinidad & Tobago
West Indies