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Alright peeps given this a shot for the past 6 weeks, dropped a ton of bodyfat - feel much better - am training around an injury (shoulder) yet have still kept size and look a lot better and leaner....

have done 3 days on around 60 carbs followed up a high carb (200grams) then repeat..

I advise it for those that want to 'recompose' their body, remember leaner looks bigger !

any one else tried this, what were your carb cycles lookin like ? or any questions drop em here.
200g. for high carbs? Wow! That's a low day for me. My high day is about 500 and that's still not enough to fill me out. I do no carb days, low, and high. Here's a good article about it. It works great to keep the metabolism ticking along while dropping fat. https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/par30.htm

Here's my schedule currently:
Monday (low 200g.): Shoulders, triceps, abs, cardio
Tuesday (high 500g.): Back
Wednesday (no carbs): cardio only
Thursday (low): Chest, Biceps, abs, cardio
Friday (no carbs): cardio only
Saturday (high): Legs
Sunday (no): cardio