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This is the start of my Agent O 2.0 Alpha test. I tested the original and got awesome results so I was stoked to get a chance to have a another go at this. You can find my workout and other information here:

I received it today with enough time to get it from the front office. I got both the power and the pills for this. For my workout today I took the pills. We had to take 7 total but since I have taken Animal supps before I was fine with it. I downed them about 30minutes before the gym and before my JustWHEY and Storm shake.

I knew what to expect form Agent O going in so I knew my focus would be there and I would out perform all my expectations. The pills did seem to take a bit longer then the powered did as I was part way into my workout before I felt the energy and the focus. I had a few exercises that I increased the weight 10lbs so my performance was up. My rest periods were short as I made them. No fatigue at all post workout and I felt really good too. Overall Agent O 2.0 is living up to my expectations.

The pills had the distinctive and unique Animal smell (yeah I smelt them), and had no after taste at all. They went down easy with 7 pills but I had to take 9 a day for meds for awhile plus Pak so I was used to it.




Seated DB Alt Curls-70,6,4,6,3
BO Concentration Curls-50/20
Seated BB Forearm Curls-115/12,8
Seated DB Forearm Curls-65/24
Hack Squat Calf Press-340/12
Hack Squat Calf Press-340/50,50,50
Lying Leg Curl-170/6,4,2
Seated Leg Curl-160/13
SM Squat-325/8
Leg Extension-160/13

-Overall good workout today. Lots of cars pulling but it seems most the people were on cardio machines so I was able to move quick. Rest time was down between exercises to teh time it takes to get to the next one.
-Going zero carb right now and trying to get onto keto. I have used it to put on lean muscle and lose fat before but not while having a full teaching duty.
-Lower back was hurting a bit so I took some pain killers before the workout and some after since I was still bugging me. Being careful with these as I got hooked before and I am not going that route again.