I've been thinking this over for the past couple of weeks, on and off debating whether or not I should go up to the Hers booth that's always looking for models, and I had created a thread about that. I have decided to. Here are some thoughts that I have and a question that I need help answering:

In comparison to actual supplement models, I'm nowhere close. However, where I am now is so much further than where I was. I'm stuck being either a before or a during - meaning that in the current fitness state that I'm in, I could either be seen as someone who's lost some good weight and is working really hard to get lean; or someone who was previously an athlete and let herself go.

With that thought in mind, I nearly decided not to even attempt it until I went to a ProScout audition, and they liked the way that I looked enough to invite me to callbacks.

So - would it be beneficial to put a profile of before pictures together in a portfolio-style to provide to Hers, and if so - what's the right way to put this together? Can anyone help me with this? I'm about as excited as I am nervous in fighting down my massive fear-of-rejection that always seems to be telling me I'll fail, but I'm pushing as hard as I can to build up the courage and do something that I normally wouldn't have the self-confidence to do.