Today: 1.0 scoops of Rage XL

1 hr elliptical
light seated rows/dips/chins

Pretty beat up today, specifically low back and arms. Biceps are especially sore, which I typically expect next day on my right arm after bowling. However I am also noticing increased bicep activation in my OHP when using the Fat Gripz. Kept it light and I'm going to see how I feel for squats tomorrow morning...maybe I only work up to reps at 185, maybe I go heavier, I don't know, won't be squatting again until Sunday. I've lost approx. 5 lbs so that's good, especially considering it's not my real focus right now, other than I am eating to not gain weight. I'm challenging myself to skip dessert for a month (until I arrive at the Arnold) but am not making any other diet modifications at this time.