On May 16 four members of the Georgia Animal Barbell Club came together to work on some deadlifts and enjoy some food from the grill. Big events are fine, but brotherhood is built during smaller gatherings when we have time to interact and become part of each other's lives. We hit the weights about 9:30, drinking the new Strawberry Limeade Juiced Aminos throughout the training session. Immediately after the workout, we chugged down the new Animal Whey Chocolate Chocolate Chip flavor and headed to the back deck to enjoy the grilled chicken, bison burgers, grilled seasoned vegetables, sweet potatoes, sweet tea and Animal Whey Protein Cake that was being prepared by my lovely wife while we trained. We had a great time talking to each other about where we see the Georgia ABC going, ATLMusclBro5 shared stories from the chapter's past and we each shared how we came to the Animal family. This will definitely not be the last time we do this. Check out the pics below!!