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This is a declaration of war. For far too long, the status quo has been tolerated. In fact, being average is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Your peers chastise you for striving, for struggling, for wanting more. They paint you as a dreamer. They want you to quit, they want you to fail, so they can feel better about their sorry lot. The less you make of yourself, the less they will be expected to accomplish. These are your sworn enemies. And while they may smile to your face, in private they pray for your demise. You must cut these cold, empty vessels out of your life like a malignant tumor and move on without hesitation. Waste none of your energy on these parasites who expect a free ride. Know that there are no birthrights. The only thing you are guaranteed at birth is death. You have a right to that. The rest is earned. You are entitled to nothing. Fuck a lottery ticket… I prefer to get mine the hard way. There is a war going on outside your cozy bedroom window-- An epic battle between the murderers of spirit and the architects of history. The critics vs. the conquerors. Which side are you on?
Downright badass. I'm putting this one up on my bathroom mirror.