Woke up this morning and drank 3/4 scoop of a mass gainer. 10 mins later, i was out the door heading to the gym. On the way, I downed some preworkout. Upon arriving, I warmed up before heading to spark chest, back, shoulders, forearms, and calves. First up was BB bench 4x6,5,4,3 (240,245,245,250) and BB rows 4x6,5,5,4 (205,210,210,215). Next was wide grip pulldown 4x6,6,5,4 (90,95,95,100) and DB military press 4x6,5,5,4 (75,80,80,85). Pec deck 3x8,8,6 (170,175,180) and reverse pec deck 3x8,8,6 (170,170,180) followed. Next was cable crossover 3x8,6,6 (55,60,60) and DB lat raises 3x8,8,6 (30,30,35). I then did DB shrugs 4x6,6,6,5 (100,100,105,105) and dip shrugs. Standing calf raises 4x6,6,6,4 (240,255,270,285) and wrist curl 3x6,5,4 (115,125,125). Last was Leg press calves 4x6 (500,520,540,560) and reverse wrist curl 3x6,4,4 (40). Afterwards was cardio. I did HIIT sprints on the treadmill for 24 mins. For the walking portion I did 4.0. For the sprint portion, I did 11 (2), 11.5 (5), and 12 (5). Afterwards, I stretched before heading home and eating eggs, a piece of pancake, a banana, and turkey bacon. Leg day on deck tomorrow which will be highlighted by 4x4-6 on squats