Woke up at 320 and downed a protein shake and ate a banana. 10 mins later, I was out the door heading to the gym. On the way, I downed some preworkout. Upon arriving, I warmed up before heading to spark heavy shoulder and tricep day. First up was seated BB military press for 4x10,8,7,6 (140,140,145,145). Because my legs were still sore (plus energy levels have been pretty bad this week), I did Arnold presses instead of clean and press for 3x10,9,7 (60,60,65). Alternating DB press was next for 3x12,10,8 (55,55,60). Last for shoulders was reverse grip military press for 3x10,10,8 (130). Now was time for triceps. First was close grip bench press for 3x8,8,6 (180). Next was angled bar pushdowns for 3x12,10,8 (85,90,90). Last was weighted dips for 3x10,8,8 (30,30,35). Now was time for steady state cardio on the stairclimber. I did 32 mins: level 11 (6:30), level 12 (6:30), level 13 (7:00), back down to level 10 (1:00), level 11 (3:00), level 12 (4:00), and level 15 (4:00). I had to go down a little bit at the 20 min mark because my body was way too exhausted to try to up the intensity at that point. Afterwards, I stretched before heading home and eating 1 cup of oats, eggs, and turkey bacon. MUCH needed active rest day tomorrow with only abs and cardio planned