Woke up at 306 am and ate a grapefruit. 20 mins later, I downed some preworkout. 5 mins later, I was out the door heading to the gym. Upon arriving, I warmed up before heading to spark horizontal back and biceps day. First up was deadlifts. I did 3 warm up sets before it was time to go live.First up was 390 for 8 reps. Second set was 400 for 8 reps. Third set was 410 for 7 reps. Fourth set was 420 for 5 reps. . Next was bodyweight wide grip pull ups for 3x7,6,5. Next was reverse grip barbell rows for 4x8,8,8,5 (185,195,205,215). 1-Arm low rows were next for 4x10 (105,105,110,110). Last for back was hammer strength rows for 7x8,8,8,6,6,6,5 (290,290,290,300,300,300,310). Now was time for bicep work. First was ez bar curls for 4x8,7,7,6 (110). DB hammercurls were next for 3x6 (55). Last was overhead high pulley cable curl for 7x8,8,8,6,6,6,5 (70,70,70,75,75,75,80). I then squeezed in ab work. I did a circuit for 3 rounds: knee tucks on a row machine x15, kettle bell russian twist x12 (30); and cable crunches x15 (62.5). Afterwards, I stretched and foam rolled before heading home and eating eggs, turkey bacon, and pancakes. Shoulders and traps tomorrow