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Thanks guys! Maybe not the perfect meet that I was looking for, but it went pretty darn well. I wanted 2100, but that will have to wait another 10 weeks and I'll have to keep this log going until then. I have the USPA Tennessee Open at my gym on January 14 and should surely go over 2100 if things keep going the way they have.

The 882 deadlift moved well, but my callus tore at the top. Still pretty happy with everything. I went 760 on squats in sleeves, which is a massive 27 lb PR and almost an 8 plate squat. Bench went horribly and I only got my opener of 441. 451 I tried twice and missed 2/3 of the way up. So back to the drawing board on bench. Squats definitely fatigue you for bench though. And then 871 on deads for a 2072 total.

I start this next training prep on Saturday. Feeling pretty good other than some forearm pain from low bar squatting. Most importantly, my hips and knees feel great.
Well shit, add a few pounds on bench and a callus back to your hand and you're already at the 2100 mark!