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just got back from 4 days in Aurba. I was able to hit the gym once (and it was more like cardio than lifting), tried to stick to a decent diet while i was there - they had a ton of fresh fish which i had for most of my meals, but admittedly i didnt eat nearly enough while i was there - just tried to keep eveything in check. Enjoyed some time away with the fiancee doing nothing but sitting on the beach and by the pool - was a much needed break from life, and the gym. Got back on Wednesday and have hit legs, back and arms so far. Feeling good to be back - a tad "empty" the first few days, but getting food down now and getting some "pop" back. I am the "smallest" i have been in probably 9 years according to the scale, but am in pretty decent shape. Talked to my trainer last night and we are going to start adding some size back on slowly - keeping things in check, but upping the food. Im excited to get growing again.

Dude you will bounce back! I know the feeling! You are right! Time away with the people who are most important to us def trumps bodybuilding!

What gyms do you recommend there? I am going for 9 days for my honey moon in Dec!