Thank you to all members and Athletes that have made this board what it is today. To now walk amongst the most driven and inspiring athletes in the sport is humbling and I am forever grateful. It has always been my passion to share my knowledge and help others the way I wanted to be. I hope to better myself in this and help all of you achieve goals beyond what you believed possible.

About me:

-MS in Nutrition
-BS in Exercise Science
-Registered Dietitian
-Certified Strength and Condition Specialist

-World Champion in powerlifting, 2005-2010, broke 12 world records, 706lb bench press
-NPC Lackland Bodybulding 1st place middleweight, 2012
-NPC Texas State Bodybuilding 8th place lightheavy weight, 2013
-NPC Branch Warren Classic 1st place lightheavy weight, 2014
-NPC USA Championships 6th place middleweight, 2015
-NPC USA Championships 1st place Heavywegiht, 2016 Pro card earned
-IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro 5th place, Pro Debut

Currently deep in the offseason, just trying to get freak status big and looking to do an Open show in late 2017. Fire away with questions!!!