"I’m in the off-season and I’m still utilizing “daily undulating periodization” (DUP) for my training. DUP is a template for planning how your training will be structured and how it will allow you to make progress with in it. So each time I train a muscle group, I utilize a different rep range for high rep (20+) to low reps (6 reps).

DUP for bodybuilding means the total repetitions you perform change daily and they “undulate”, meaning they move from highs to lows. The theory is that variation allows you to take advantage of a variety of hypertrophy stimulus that each rep range can provide.

My off-season quad workout is based on a moderate rep range. The workout primarily focuses on overall quad development, and secondarily on my glutes. The first two exercises are lifts that I will continue to repeat and attempt to increase weight or reps on every session. This is a way to track progress and assure I am building volume into my workouts over time. When following a program like this, it’s very important to keep a logbook to ensure that you are actually making progress."

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