got divorced in December. had foot surgery number5 right before that, got a staph infection, mersa, and a bone infection from it... had surgery 6 in march to remove the screws... spent 6 days in the hospital then had a picc line in for 6 weeks. 6/6 I had surgery number 7 to remove the joint that was replaced as a last ditch effort to save the foot... didn't work.

6/15: Rt Leg BKA (Below Knee Amputation).
Spent two days in the hospital and came home Saturday.

One of the reasons the BKA was scheduled: nothing was working for the pain. additionally, my knee, hip and back were getting messed up from how my gait had changed due to previous surgeries. The first three toes never touched the ground. So, the 4th, 5th, and ankle were getting stress fractures constantly.

Next steps.

Tomorrow, cast comes off, Shrinker sock gets put on, with a test socket and temp prosthetic.

I have started a new IG if anyone is interested in seeing pics.