I just wanna say good luck to my fiance who is filming live tonight. Normally the TV programme that she stars in is prerecorded maybe 4-6 month in advance. However as a sort of treat to the shows life long fans the show is doing an hour long live show. I think it's recorded like 5 mins in front just incase there is any type of emergency, it means that the producers and shows directors still have enough time to cut and quickly go to comercials before the viewers are any the wiser, as this show is nationwide. Infact this particular show has been rated the 'No:1 Soap Oprah' 9 years straight. The show has been running 5 days a week since the early 80's. It's the equivalent to your 'Days of our lives' or 'The bold and the beautiful' is it?

Anyways my finance is so fortunate she's been in and out of this particular show for the last 2 years. However it's only in the last sort of 9 months that the scriptwriters have sat down and managed to come up with this wonderful story line for her character. She plays the roll of the new girlfirend to the the show long term heart throb. I said she PLAYS the ROLL! Lol it definitely NOT REAL lol.

It's funny because just before my Trainer O and his wife flew out to Florida, we were all round there home and we joked about that. O was trying to wind me up and he asks my fiance who the best kisser was out of me and her co-actor lol Then he looks at me and say to her, "I spect your be sharing a hotel room with him next when you go up north to fly no?" Lol omg

Na, It was an absolutely awesome day, that day guys. Beautiful weather etc so we all minus O spent the entired day in there swimming pool. O of cause cannot swim lol haha so he was not aloud in. He then offered to start up the barbecue. "Babe I'm just going to get going on the barbecue" he said to his with slyly as though he had some hidden agenda. His wife knowing him better than himself then starts bursting out laughing. Me and my fiance then looked at eachother if to say, "What? We don't get it." Maybe it's an inside joke between them because they have got so many but as O walks away slowly to prepare the barbecue, his wife shoots out wife her back to him, "Of course you can. Thats very selfless of you because you know your not having any don't you!" because of heart problems etc

Omg well with hearing that O literally breaks down and kicks the chair across the gardens and storms off shouting, "Omg! I can't do fucking anything. You get to have all the fun man! I go in the fucking sauna!"

His wife burst out laughing so loud she nearly choked on her champaign and strawberrys lool oh she's evil to him sometimes she really is. Then as he storms off in to the house to use the sauna, she gets out the pool and quickly follows behind him. The 3Omins later, O comes back down with the biggest grin on his face and she follows behind him. Then she looks at us and winks. Hummm cannot wait for marriage life lol ;)

Good luck tonight baby I will be watching and routing for you x