I've never got this 'cutting and bulking'. I'm in excess of 309-315 lbs. My body fat is always steady in the region of say 10-12.
Which to me is quite high and I don't like to stray too far from the single digits. Anyone who has dieted down below this know what I'm talking about. It's not worth it. Even if you know how to diet and you must do to be able to even get your body fat down to the front door of the single digits in the first place. Which of course is 10% and also normally just below a person's 'set point'. Why woukd you put on weight knowing that tour gonna have to lose it very shortly? I don't get that. Why waste your time not to mention money, because when yohr on a bulk you spending a tone on your food, supplements, steroids, GH/IGF/INSULIN. Not not to forget all the water that you are now going to have to drink. And all the necessary cardio that your gonna need to niw through in.

Pimp..listen... Yor much more better off, even if it does take a little longer maybe, to just put on 'Good Weight' slowly. Then your never need to cut or bulk. And that way you will know that anything that you do put on is for keeps. All this bulking and cutting crap is just nonsense lol! You spend half your valueble year, that your never gonna get back, looking like shit because your 'bulking' as you say. The truth is .. your fat. Your not in shape. If you cannot see your abbs then your out of shape. "Yeah but but im bulking.." you say. I don't care what you doing your ft. Yout lost it and your still losing it. Brother your lost. Let's be honest here. I know what youve done and what your doing because its something i make sure i do noymt do. Your not eating right. Your not eating the right food, your defiantly not drinking enough water because I've never known amyone get fat from eating clean dry food with at least a liter of water with every meal. Its just wouldn't happen. So back to our method... You then spend the next half of the year cutting down, losing that weight? What the duck was you doing it for then? You can't turn fat and water into muscle brother. But that's what you've gained. People get confused so let me please clearl this up and let's just bury this nonsense once and for all. Imma Killin and put it to bed ok...cool.

A Pro eats say 10, 000 cals a day.. then e diets down. It's for a certain reason. It's got nothing to with bulking or cutting', it's to do with 'Maintance'. They put on 40 lbs, so when they diet down, they hope to hold on to say 7 lb of the musce built. Its jst for the energy needed for maintance. But hears the thing your not a Pro. Your body is nothing like there's inside and out. Because of the high thermogenesis in the food that they eat combined with the supps and Steroids, there matabilism is as fast as a shooting star. They need that amount of calories. You equals why you got body fat and e ery year it's just getting worse. Your getting fatter but the Pro your emulating is eating twice as much as you yet his dropping body far. So what do you do, you then try to eat what hus eating, 10, 000 cals a day but your matablism can not even handle 4,000 so yu end up fat. It's it nothing to do with the fact that his on steroids. "Oh his on steroids that's why!" No!!

Look, if your natural you should never ever be putting on body far, well if your eating right and your keeping up with your water and cardiovascular which is just as important to a bodybuilder than an thing. If your heart cannot pump blood properly your not getting a pump=grow, the nutrients are not going to be delivered correctly as in time and moving around to the right places. If your natural you should never need to bulk or cut. You should be putting on good steady weight. Yeah it will take alittle time so what. Once it's off or on, it's off or on its for jeeps what you get. Forget time, your building your body over a life time. If you want an estimate well, your looking at 20-40 years pimp. So if you know that then just slow down forget this cutting and bulking cap and just lift your weights humbly in the shadows within your gym. Close your eyes and train quietly. Do not be loud and attract attention to yourself. Just spend your days developing that body what your Mumma and pappa gave you. Learn your about your genitive, your proposition and symmetry etc but in order to do that your gonna need a low body fat level. You need to be able see your abbs all year round. If you an see them as in all 8 not 6, then this means you will be able to see all your muscle separation and how they connect. Have I got a long say bicep or gave I got a small one but with a great peak. A peak that looks more like a mountain.

The true is... ONLY WEAK BODYBUILDERS follow this 'Bulking and Cutting' method. Why because they fall off of there diet. They eat what they want when they want, and how they want. The here weak minded and they've fallen off there diet. I don't care what you look like for half the year. Right now you fat with no cuts which tbh is the same as being skinny with no muscle because right now i cant see any off the twos muscle groups. How the he'll are you gonna develop more muscle when you can't even see what your developing and where to develop it. You fat. I can tell alot about you. Your weak minded, any bodybuilder that will cheat on his diet will cheat on anything. His reps, the amount of steroids his taking etc If I was getting on stage with you i wouldn't worry about anythi g seriously. I hope my competition are doing this cause I'll kill me. Like Phillips Heath there's a reason why his won every year.. because he doesn't cheat because he knows that he will just be cheating himself. His diet I'd the same all year round and he stays, visually, the same all yar round. Hs body fat does go up and down. It's steady and he improves an gets better every year. His not into all that going up in weight to then have to come down. He just continues to put on 'good weight. Back in Arnolds day, they were never over say 8 lbs. Never. None of them and they didn't even care about sodium and all that.

Look if your a bodybuilder them be a bodybuilder. It like one, train like one and rest like one. Don't be in between. A powerlifter isn't a much concerned with his body fat. Which I think if you was get scientific is a mistake all power too my brothers because they have a different relationship with the iron. The old saying that powerlifter needed to have weight is nonsense let's face it. Strength has got nothing to do with size. Bruce Lee proved that. If your in excess of 300 lbs like myself, you should always be able to lift, push and pull your own body weight. Bats strength that's a power lifter. If your 300 lbs because you've been 'bulking' and that method works, you've developed more muscle, then why can you not lift your own body weight?