Prisoner No: A15559CQ
Prisoner Category: AAA (High risk)
Prisoner Location: Segregation

.Hey sexy girl ;)

I can't tell you how happy it made me to finally get a letter from you. I got 5 letters at that same time. Each so thick the officers couldn't fit them under my cell door lol Wow you like to write girl. Im so lucky to have you. It's also the reason why it took so long for me to get them because where I am a AAA cat, which means imma a high security risk, as in high risk of offending other inmates, the Governer has asked that all my incoming mail except legal ones be randomly monitored. The same for out going so please remember that OK Princess?

Right, first off I'M FINE... Okay baby. No I am not getting raped and no its nothing like the movies lol hehe Your so funny uno. The way you think. I don't have any contact with any other prisoner. I'm down here in Seg bbe, I'm not in general pop with the rest of the prisoners. Im a long long day off of that. The only ones in my cell are Angels, yes of course and your spirit. I don't doubt you I know would prefer to be in here with me but I don't want that fir you are you mad? Your a woman baba and you deserve to be out there living and enjoying your life. Yes you will go out with your friends. I don't want you sitting indoors writing to me all day every day. I know it would of been hard for you up untill now, because you havent heard from me but now you have and you know now I'm ok. So come on, pull yourself together and get back out there. You've got all the plastic, why dont you go and buy yourself some things. You dont have to worry about money woman lol your rich. I saw to that. Right baby i gotta end this one here if im gonna get this in the post box in time. I want you to get it before weekend. I can't stand the thought of you having to wait another weekend to find out I'm ok. Wow its just hit me that I won't be with you this weekend or the next or the... so sad man. BUT 4 years is gonna fly by ok I promise and you know I don't lie don't ya? Hah, Ive kept my word and I have done since we were 3. I tell you no lies. And yes I will start working out I promise. I've got my gym induction on Monday. My personal officer said, "Not that you need it look at ya! Christ." But yeah it will be nice to slow dance with some Iron. Nothing happens in jail over the weekend baby. Your just banged up a day. You get exercise for 30mins every day providing it's not raining. All the prisoners walk around outside in the yard but because I am down here in Segregation it's a bit diff. I get it. There's a very small one in this block and each one of us down here get an hr but it's all at diff times. We never ever see or hear each other. Really cool thing is we got a couple of dumbbells in yard cause obviously when your down here its a punishment. Your on what the call 'Basic' which means your not allowed any pearks or privileges. You got Super Enhanced, Enhanced, Standard which us what you are when you first come in and you work your way up through good behaviour. And then you got Basic which is seriously below average. When your naughty. They take your own close away, your TV, your canteen, gym and exercise, and association time which is what you get for an hour just before evening dinner. Everyone's cell doors are open and you get to mingle with other prisoners. You know play table tennis etc. But if you persist in being naughty they take you down the Seg so you can't influence other prisoners. It's basically like Solitary confinement princess. The reason I'm down here us because I wanted to be on my own. It was too noisy for me baby. You know I'm very quite. When they were booking me in down reception one of the officers said as a joke because if my size, "Good luck tying to fit on your bunk bed. Make sure you get the bottom bunk." I didn't wanna share a cell with someone Yaz, the night before i was in my King size Edwardian Four poster bed, laying on top of pure white Egyptian cotton sheets with my wife.

Then they want me to share a very small bunkbed with another man lol I told em down in reception, "Hell no. I'm not sharing with anyone."

They then said if you refuse your be put in basic. I told em, "Put me on basic I don't give two F's. If you put me in a cell with anyone I'm gonna bang em out!"

They called my bluff so I did it. As soon as I walked on the spur, I walked straight up to the biggest (as in socalled hardest one) who was also the loudest, and I hit. Bam! I hit him so hard I broke his jaw. I don't feel good about that baby honestly you know me I'm very very quite but I was about to be banged up with God knows who. You know me, i very rarely talk but when I do its for a reason. I'll warn ya and then I hit ya. I'm not a talker. I'll do it and tell you why I did it after. So yeah that's why I'm down here baba, I walked straight on to that spur with my sheets etc the officer walked me to my cell. My cell mate wasnt there cause it was association and i looked around and knew the there was no way I could fit in there with him. Plus he had already taken the lower bunk. So im thinking my knees... I can't jeep climbing up and dwn. What with my knees Yaz. I set of every metal detector in that prison as I walked in.when they saw the E Ray they said, "Omfg you got more metal than bone" lol

So yeah I did what I had to to get out of there. I walked straight back out the cell looked over the landing and I picked the most popular guy, I walked straight up to him and I hit em. He was out cold and the officers sounded the alarm. I just held my hand ms out from then to cuff me and I said, "Now take me down to Seg." Which of course they did. Riot officers came because of my size but when the saw I wasn't resisting, they juse escorted me down. I got an 'inner nicking' because I broke his jaw. Poor sod, I shatter the entire right side of his jaw Yaz. Complete shattered it. He had to.hsve it wired up. And I feel so bad but I'm prison baby and I just wanna come home. I miss you so much ready.

Right gotta go if I'm gnna get this out the prison quickly. I'll write to you after I've eaten ok. Reply to all your questions and NO! SHE DID NOT DANCE BETTER THAN YOU lollol haha omg let it go. Lol seriously let it go woman. She works in cosmetics now you said. You went on to be one of the best top Ballerinas in the world. Omg your funny.

Right I'm going bye baby. Please EAT something. Ojji eat for me ok because the food in here is beyond a joke. I'm really gonna have to be creative cause I'm gonna lose a pound a muscle a day here. Oh and I have put your number on my nomnus. I'm just waiting for it to go on my pin. Dame with mum ok so tell her. I'll keep trying. Oii just think I'll be able to hear that sexy little voice. But I won't be able to see those pretty green eyes untill you vista's on Wednesday :) I can't wait. But remember our visit I'd going to be a 'Closed one' for the mo for as long as I'm down here on basic. Which means you won't be able to touch me. There will be a screen in between us :( I know it's gonna be hard but I want my baby to be strong ok? Tell everybody im ok? Ok let's get it done.

I love you so much baby I can't tell you. We have eaten the most amazing meals but like I tell you when I put you on my knee. Its time to pay the bill.