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I'm reminded of a quote, from one of the few people that I listen very closely to.

"You really want to change the world? Raise good kids. All these idiots screaming about this, about that, protesting the protesting of a protest - shut the hell up. At the end of the day, raise good children and the world changes. Shoving your worthless opinions down our throats by making archaic laws based on your opinions or outdated/worthless mythologies is easily one of the most despicable, ego driven actions any man can make. Here's a thought: you aren't right. However, you can shut your huge, fat mouths and concentrate on YOUR HOME. YOUR FAMILY. And part of raising a good family is by setting an example of physical and mental strength. These lead to good physical and mental health. And imagine if we had parents that set good examples of physical and mental strength, and made sure their children developed these habits." --Jim Wendler
This reminds me of the part in American history x when Edward Norton’s character is sitting in jail, and his black teacher who is visiting him asks “what have you done to improve the lives of your family and those around you?”. Everyone wants to bitch about the entire world around them, but not take care of those things within their own sphere.