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Well...90% of them deserve it on some level. I live 100 miles from Columbus, and know guys who will hit the gym at 4AM to get a pump so that they can look their best....standing in lines for free supps and selfies. I also have a work buddy who goes to the Arnold every year just to hit up the expo for a day, but hasnít lifted in years. Heís a good dude, and convinced me to go for the first time - and introduced me to the cage and animal products - but heís one to talk about lifting all day, but never actually do it.

Hell, I found myself about to bring a boiled chicken breast with brown rice and broccoli for lunch last year when I was doing the intern thing at the cage - but one look at me, and itís easy to tell I donít live on that. Thus, the aforementioned meal of leftover fried chicken and biscuits, lol.
This is funny. I worked the Cage for 4 years. And I saw a lot of this; guys who don't live the lifestyle in any way/shape/form for 51 weeks. But that one weekend ... that Arnold Weekend, they bring out the tight shirts, the new haircut, and bring in a cooler of ''bodybuilder food'' and eat it while standing in line to shake someone's hand for a second and get a bag of samples. Its hilarious. I mean ... do what you want to do. But IMO, if you're an ACTUAL competitive bodybuilder, especially one in prep, then yeah .. bring in your food. It makes sense. I would. But if you're Joe Schmo just looking to stand in lines and get free shit, why go through the trouble? Fuck it. Hit the food court and get some chinese food and wash it down with a baskin robbins.